Updated: 02/21/2017 13:54
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latest hyip news digest february 21 2017
See the latest news from the hyips currently working in the hyip industry, Razzleton, Elizion, CoinTransfer, Tradeex, Petrolia, Richmond Berks
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See the latest news from the hyips currently working in the hyip industry, Razzleton, Elizion, CoinTransfer, Tradeex, Petrolia, Richmond Berks

The news digest today starts with the update from Tradeex investment program, which is growing successfully. As reported even despite stock markets dawnfall company traders show good results. In September 2016, the goal was to achieve 2 million dollars of public investments by March, 2017. The admin reports this milestone has been already achieved. To share the success a unique offer to the members has been available in these 7 days called "Advanced deposit". On all deposits above $100 bonus from 5% up to 15% is added.

Richmond Berks announced another conference in Berlin to be held today on February 21 at 18:00. The conference location is Conference Location: Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz, Alexanderplatz 7, 10178 Berlin. Earlier Richmond Berks announced the possibility to both buy and sell RBD directly from the mobile app. If you want to buy RBD, you need to press the "+". If you want to sell your RBD, you need to press the "-", then you will be offered to login and proceed with the request. Richmond Berks offers a novelty called Achievements. Follow the achievements and get rewards in RBB. VIP clients will have a chance to take advantage of using the RBB shop soon to Increase the daily percentage, the percentage of the profits from your partners and gain promo codes, as well as branded products.

Nearly a month after the launch the website of Petrolia hyip was changed greatly and updated with the new features starting from the referral program, ending with the design of the website itself. Investment plan has been extended and allows earning 3.8% daily. The referral program is now three-level. For 1-tier referral, you will receive 3% of his deposit, for 2-tier referral – 1%, for 3-tier referral – 1%. The design of the website has been updated and becomes more user-friendly, clearer and nicer for visitors. Apart from that EV SSL system and online support have been implemented.

Elizion now accepts Perfect Money. The new payment option has been introduced to create investments and withdrawals of partner bonuses available for more interested customers.

Over the past year Razzleton HealthCare Limited has proved itself as the rapidly developing and promising company. A record number of investment have been attracted and thousands of customers have been getting regular passive income. To demonstrate program's achievements landing page was created, visiting which customers will be able to learn more about the history and milestones achieved.

CoinTransfer system is now available in Spanish. According to statistics, millions of people around the globe are planning to start learning Spanish next week. Welcome to the Spanish version of the CoinTransfer system! Another milestone is the total number of the project participants and partners that has passed the 6900 mark!

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