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latest hyip news digest march 02 2017
See the latest news about new mobile app at Richmond Berks, BikeForMe stats, RightRise Mavis contest, Agrarian Benefit and TradeexPro promotions
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See the latest news about new mobile app at Richmond Berks, BikeForMe stats, RightRise Mavis contest, Agrarian Benefit and TradeexPro promotions

Another news digest is published today. BikeForMe has been online for 2 months and added to HyipNews yesterday. During this time lots of investors joined the project and this number reached 4500 people. Apart from that the project attracted investments in the amount of more than $350K. The customers, who have started their cooperation since the first days, have already received 30% of net income on their first deposits. The admin claims BikeForMe company will keep on improving the services to achieve best conditions for passive income with online investments.

RightRise announced the February winners of the competition for the best video review.
vascorossy – USD 500.00
tuananh90 – USD 300.00
Millioninvestor – USD 100.00

Also the new language localization was added to RightRise. Adding Swahili, the project continues to expand horizons attracting new markets.

Richmond Berks currently listed at HyipNews for 28 days announced from now on all features of the project are available from mobile phone. One tap is only needed to get money, refer someone. The App is fully functional. Entering Cabinet one can manage investments, see achievements, make purchases in RBB shop, activate boosters, read news, post comments etc. No need to use PC, everything is possible with the mobile device. The application is now available for for Android users and very soon will appear for iOS.

TradeexPro extends "Advanced deposit" campaign for another 24 hours due to numerous requests from the customers who need a little bit more time to arrange their deposits on favorable terms.

As the spring starts Agrarian Benefit listed at HyipNews for 50 days, launches a great bonus promotion. The promotion was supposed to be valid till March 2, 10am Moscow time. For a number of deposits depending on the amount the bonus was credited from 5.15% to 35.75% depending on the deposit amount. Bonus funds has been credited to the balance within 60 minutes after making a deposit and is available for withdrawal or reinvesting.

Mavis hyip announces a contest, which gives opportunity to make extra income by active partner activity. Share your experience working together with Mavis company by making a short video and post it on any network of your choice. The reward for winners comprises 20 cash prizes in the amount of $50 each. The Grand prize is $500! To participate in the contest, you need to record a video sharing your impressions of working together with Mavis company. A video overview of your personal experience opening deposits or withdrawing money on the website will do as well.

Your video should be uploaded to,, or Video title must include either "Mavis Term SRL" or domain. Only the videos recorded after announcement of the contest can qualify. The link to the video must be sent to together with your login name on the website. Video projects should be submitted between February 27th, 2017 and March 20th, 2017, inclusive. The announcement of the best author and the contest winner will take place on March 21th, 2017.

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