Updated: 03/21/2017 15:20
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latest hyip news digest march 21 2017
Learn about the latest updates from the hyips: MerchantInvest, Elizion, 50EX, TradeExPro, RubiLtd, SoftMining and Amazing7
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Learn about the latest updates from the hyips: MerchantInvest, Elizion, 50EX, TradeExPro, RubiLtd, SoftMining and Amazing7

MerchantInvest sends the first newsletter to the partners upon completing the first week online. Logan, the admin of the project announced the works in progress on the representative program, where more income can be earned from the referrals. There is also some good news about the insurance of active deposits. The insurance is now available on fairmonitor and is supposed to be increased and added on some othr sites in the future. The admin of MerchantInvest also stresses upon the issue of pending withdrawals that may happen due to problems with wrong account ID. Finally the admin reminds its partners the system is using Google authenticator for better security. It is a free mobile app for Android and iOS.

Elizion adds French language to the website. Being an official language in 29 countries adding French language makes the project loser and more clear for people from around the world. Another good news is adding bonus for every deposit made till the last minute 21.03.2017 (before 23:59 GMT time). According to the terms of the promo on all deposits made before the time indicated 5% bonus is applied.

50EX shares links to Telegram chats available in various languages: Russian, English, German, Polish and Vietnamese. The links are available on the official website of the project.

TradeExPro recently reported of the DDoS attack the website was suffering lately. Now the good news is that the attack has been successfully mitigated though the project remains being under attack which bypasses the mechanisms of Cloudflare. The increased level of verification has been provided to stop DDoS completely.

RubiLtd changes investment plans and updates design of the website. Investment to the project as well as navigating it has become easier. The design is so integrated for each investor, and investment plans were created based secure maximum profits. After you update the design every user needs to clear cookies when you log on to the website. This is done very simply: you need to press CTRL+F5 on the main page (if necessary in each section of the site). If you experience any difficulties, please contact technical support. In the nearest future there are plans to add Telegram-chat and new languages.

SoftMining now accepts NixMoney as another alternative e-currency.

Amazing7 is approaching 5K members. To celebrated this achievement bonus offers have been offered to provide higher earnings to the members. Another achievement of the project is reaching the mark of 1500+ Facebook Followers. Congratulations!

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