Updated: 04/18/2017 12:28
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Learn about the multilanguage mobile app, top 7 most useful things at Richmond Berks, RBB shop, income, affiliate, contests, mobile share, achievements
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Learn about the multilanguage mobile app, top 7 most useful things at Richmond Berks, RBB shop, income, affiliate, contests, mobile share, achievements

Richmond Berks listed at HyipNews for 75 days has always been rich in news updates letting the members know about the news from the company, new features implemented and other important news. Today we are pleased to deliver the update telling the members about the update of Richmond Berks mobile application. As the website and the team of the program states the project has its offices in almost all countries of the world, which means people from various countries cooperate and invest to Richmond Berks.

With a view to that important fact it is important to reach mutual understanding between each other. From now on, RichmondBerks mobile application is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages. At the moment, the update is already available for Android users and will soon become available for Ios.

Another update tells about the Top 7 most useful things in Richmond Berks from the point of view of the staff. First of all it's the lifetime income, which is the most useful feature allowing members getting 1.6% profit daily. Another thing worth talking about is the affiliate program. According to its terms using lots of additional promo materials one can build up the downline network and earn up to $5000 as affiliate income per month.

Mobile Share is another outstanding tool that helps you invite partners faster and earn more. Mobile Share is a mobile app created for Android and iOS. You get $25 bonus upon installation and $1 per every invited partner via it. 1000 more partners = $1000. There are a lot of ways to get free bonus money in RichmondBerks. And the most popular is achievements. You just complete simple tasks and get your reward. Upon completing you increase your level and obtain additional privileges, VIP-status, etc. The RBB Shop offers lots of boosters that significantly increase your income.

Also RichmondBerks constantly carries out different contests with great prizes. Currently there is a Ultimate Contest launched with main prize of $30 000 and hundreds of other prizes! Finally one of the most important things that matter at Richmond Berks is the News section. Everyday there are a lot of important news you can use for your sake. Keep it in mind, check news section, activate push notifications and read email newsletter.

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