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Learn about Richmond Berks interest rates update, PoolEarn bonus time, MineCore DDOS attack, BTCRise payment system update and BitfxCoin performance
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Learn about Richmond Berks interest rates update, PoolEarn bonus time, MineCore DDOS attack, BTCRise payment system update and BitfxCoin performance report

Richmond Berks listed at HyipNews for 81 days has published the special report for the first 3 months of the year 2017. The company showed a significant growth. As a result RBD interest rate was increased up to 1.7% for the deposits in Perfect Money and Payeer. Speaking of Bitcoin and the flexible character with lower associated costs and different calculation mechanics the interest rate for Bitcoin deposits was increased up to 1.8% permanently. Also if you take part in current activities you can temporary rise your Bitcoin rate up to 2-2.8% per day using Boosters.

PoolEarn announced the special Bonus Time. This time it's the 6% Instant Cash Back Bonus on deposits made via Perfect Money. However the bonus was a limited-time offer valid only till 11:59 AM GMT, 23 April 2017, Sunday. Apart from that higher ROI package was introduced to the customers. It is called TRIPLER. Package Price: $450, Daily Percentage: 5%, Accrual Days: 60 days. ROI (rate of interest): 300% + Extra free adcredits worth $24.

MineCore has had a massive DDOS attack, which has been successfully mitigated and now the website has been under maintenance. As the result you will experience a slow and lagging in your account. Some users feedback a delay of payment due to the maintenance progress that cause the server to send it signal out to other server to release the payment. Earlier the admin reported that the Tech department has added the language translation in to the website as requested by some users.

BTCRise sets the system to Manual Payments for withdrawals because some members are still not able to reinvest from account balance for the project support. After receiving their deposit in the system, "Mass Payment" option for processing withdrawals will be enabled automatically again.

BITFXCOIN LIMITED is an investment company uniting professional Cryptocurrencies, Stock, Forex market and Gold trade. Its mission is to obtain funds for further management. Nine years of successful development for money management in private section ensured the team is ready to open its service to the whole world. Internet has become the most convenient and widespread communication source, that's why in view of responsibility BITFXCOIN LIMITED decided to bring the service via internet and attract investors online.

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