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latest hyip news digest may 03 2017
See the news about 2 years online celebrated by Aurum Bank, Axis Crude affiliate bonus increase, ReyKey stats and video presentation, Payza iOS mobile app
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See the news about 2 years online celebrated by Aurum Bank, Axis Crude affiliate bonus increase, ReyKey stats and video presentation, Payza iOS mobile app

Aurum Bank is pleased to celebrate two years online anniversary. The team of the of the project listed at HyipNews for 147 days is happy to share the news with the customers wishing all of us Love, Harmony and Prosperity!

Axis Crude listed at HyipNews for 14 days thanks every investor for so much trust and new deposits. The admin announced that the signup bonus offer is now over. All new investors with the Sign up bonus of $10 will constantly be getting $0.30 as daily profit for the next 50 days. They are also free to withdraw their profit when it accumulates to $0.5 (the minimum withdrawal limit for now). Right now, in the effort to encourage and motivate promoters and all those spreading the good news about AxisCrude Investment, the affiliate commissions has been raised from 8% to 10%.

The weekly newsletter has been released by the ReyKey hyip informing about the last week's events, which are now another indication of the project staying on the right course. The total volume of investments made by the ReyKey system users exceeded 300,000 US dollars, of which $45,000 has been invested over the last week only. The total amount of payouts on deposit earnings at the moment comes to more than $110,000. The first ReyKey Daily investment cycle is to be completed today and users, who entered this plan are are able to see the net profit of almost 60%. The project's video presentation is out, which means the set of ready-made marketing tools that ReyKey partners can use has been augmented with an effective, professionally created promo video. With the help of the video promo, the team is sure development of the affective affiliate network would require less effort and time.

The Payza mobile app is now available on Apple iOS and can be downloaded from the App Store to be used on your iPhone or iPad. The new Payza App puts all your favorite features right in the palm of your hand. You can send money to anyone in your contact list, or use custom Payza QR Codes to receive payments from other smartphones, instantly!

Members in India can also use the Payza App to make household bill payments, letting them recharge their mobile phones, pay their gas and electricity bills, and much more, right from their mobile device. To find the Payza App, just search "Payza" in the App Store, download and install the new Payza App. Don't forget Payza App is also available for Android devices on Google Play.

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