Updated: 06/19/2017 13:58
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trafficheap presentation
See the presentation of TrafficHeap added to HyipNews Promo listing on June 16, 2017 learn about the investment plans payment methods, main features
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See the presentation of TrafficHeap added to HyipNews Promo listing on June 16, 2017 learn about the investment plans payment methods, main features

One more new program was added to HyipNews lately. TrafficHeap added to HyipNews three days ago looks very much different from the rest of programs at first sight. The owners of the website claim the project is some sort of advertising platform: "...a one of a kind system made from scratch by our top performance programmers to enable you to advertise your websites to generate leads and also to earn money while using TrafficHeap". With the help of the tools provided by TrafficHeap one can advertise websites, referral links or simply to make money.

TrafficHeap is using the custom-made Payback program that allows every advertiser to take part in the success of the company. Due to bulk advertising purchase they can receive cheaper prices on the PTC / PTP websites. Trafficheap requires minimum $50 to join and to purchase so-called tokens. The maximum number of tokens you can get is 100. Currently you can buy tokens via Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Payza, Bitcoin or PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount at the moment is $1.00. It is possible that this amount will be changed in the future, due to fluctuating payment system fees and the growth of user accounts at TrafficHeap. Most payment requests are paid within 24 hours, but there can be peak times which can cause delays, so please wait for at least 7 days before submitting a support ticket regarding a pending payment.

TrafficHeap is running a website with a unique custom-made design. The overview of the program is given on the main page, presented as the video presentation. Even despite the complex nature, the project looks like a high end and quality product that took a lot of time, effort, and expense to develop. Considering that the TrafficHeap domain has been registered for five years but as far as I can see began in 2016 would certainly indicate this has been a long term project the admin has been working on for quite some time. TrafficHeap also have the superior Green Bar version of the SSL-certificate by Comodo to provide for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Take a look at the official TrafficHeap website for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the HyipNews support.

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