Updated: 07/18/2017 16:08
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Latest news from the admin of FexFund BTC problem and recovery, latest updates from Control Finance, affiliate program upgrade, TrafficHeap performance
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Latest news from the admin of FexFund BTC problem and recovery, latest updates from Control Finance, affiliate program upgrade, TrafficHeap performance

Take a look at the recent news from the hyips online below. FexFund has been working online for 80 days as of now and the admin released another weekly newsletter, telling about the achievements so far. The main idea he tries to deliver is that it's just the beginning of the road. Being also aware it's time when most of investors are taking summer vacations there wasn't much of text within. First of all he apologized for the recent BTC problem. AS it turned out the wallet Coinpayments decided to close company's account without any notification and stole funds. Now they remain silent and the issue is being investigated, while FexFund switched to another safe wallet. The loss was not that big due to the fact most Bitcoins are kept on the markets, which are, by the way, in dark red most of the times. The current situation is a great opportunity to gain some quick deals while prices are going up and down.

Two updates were delivered by the admin of Control Finance hyip. First of all due to multiple requests made by partners the 1st planned upgrade of the affiliate program has been deployed. From now on you will receive commission in full for every deposit replenishment made by your downline. Two more updates are planned to be deployed in the nearest future: affiliate program expansion to seven levels and development of a motivational program for TOP leaders. Another update tells about adding Malay language to the Control Finance website following the trend to spread the project geographically adding local languages of more and more countries legalizing the Bitcoin.

Some summer news have been delivered to the members of TrafficHeap, the program listed at HyipNews for 32 days. As it's been reported the project achieved the number of 3500 successful advertisers. Almost 15 million hits have been delivered to advertisers thus making the average daily returns in the revenue sharing payback program over 1.50%! Also the program management is working on adding multiple languages to the system. Currently the following ones are available: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues Turk, Romana, Russian, Hindi, Chinese and Polskie. More news one are coming. After multiple requests of adding different value AdPacks the programmers of the project are working on it as well as working on different kind of advertising purchases, like pay per exposure, pay per click.

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