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payza advanced security enabled
Learn about the new advanced security levels enabled by Payza to access members account, such as Payza Avatars authentication code 2-factor authentication
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Learn about the new advanced security levels enabled by Payza to access members account, such as Payza Avatars authentication code 2-factor authentication

Payza presents new advanced levels of security and two-factor authentication. Payza cares a lot of the members' security and hence one of the top priorities remains to to keep Payza account safe and fully protected. Payza has its unique Payza Avatars, which protect against so-called "Man-in-the-browser" attacks and for protection against hacking different levels of security are provided for the customers. To provide better protection against threats such as phishing and hacking, Payza's security settings are regularly updated.

Payza is happy to report the the enhanced security settings have become even more reliable - now you have even more levels of security to choose from. These advanced security features enable you to use three additional levels of Payza security to protect your Payza account. If these settings are too much of protection for you, you can always follow the standard Payza security settings.

See how each of the security levels works to protect your account.

Payza Advanced Security Levels Explained
Payza Advanced Security includes a Payza Avatar and three different security levels. When you create your Payza Avatar, you will be asked to choose an Advanced Security level. If you would like to keep the standard security setting, you will not need to create a Payza Avatar.
When setting up your advanced security you must first select your Payza Avatar and then choose one of these three advanced security levels:
– Level 1: Suspicious Login Alerts. You will receive an email alert that informs you when your account was accessed from an unrecognized device. In this email alert, you will find details such as date, time, and place of login. If you already have a Payza Avatar, this will be your default Advanced Security setting.
– Level 2: Receive Authentication Code. Upon logins from unrecognized devices, you will receive a one-time use authentication code sent to your email. This code will be valid for 15 minutes. You will need to enter this code to log in to your Payza account.
– Level 3: 2-Factor Authentication. This security level sends a code to a paired smart device such as a smartphone or connected tablet. To access your Payza account you will need to enter this code along with your username and password. You must have your paired smart device with you whenever you log in to Payza.

Configure two-factor authentication
To configure two-factor authentication, the highest security parameter provided by Payza, you must use the Google Authenticator (GA) application. First, enable the advanced security settings in your Payza account.
Below are the steps to configure the two-factor authentication:
1. In your Payza account, click your name at the top left of the screen, then select "Advanced Security Settings."
2. Select "Level 3: 2-Factor Authentication" and click "Set Up Two-Factor Authentication". The following instructions appear on the screen to help you perform the following steps. After completing this step, you will forwarded to the next window.
3. Install Google Authenticator (GA) on your mobile phone or tablet.
4. Scan the resulting QR code after completing step 2 to link your Payza account with the GA application. This QR code can be scanned from your your mobile device or you can enter the code manually.
5. At the end of step 4, you will receive a confirmation code in the GA application. In your Payza account, enter the code that says "Confirmation code" in the two-factor authentication setting window. This step will synchronize your device with Payza system.

Now that every time you are trying to log in to your Payza account, you will receive the code from the GA application. Simply enter this code in the login screen along with your username and password to access your account.

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