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Learn the main thing o hyip promotion, ways to apply best hyip promotion services on the net, find out special marketing features advertising principles
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Learn the main thing o hyip promotion, ways to apply best hyip promotion services on the net, find out special marketing features advertising principles

Today we should talk about such a multifaceted and compulsory process as HYIP promotion: it is a set of tools that allow you to promote your investment project and make it bring more money. Both to investors and hyip developers. Of course, the latters, creators of the HYIP project, should be engaged in hyip promotion services. And it does not matter, actually, whether the hyip's life cycle is 2-3 days or a year, hyip promotion plays a paramount role anyway. Because a project being unnoticed by anyone means money wasted in vain for hosting and the spending investments that have flown down the drain.

What determines the hyip promotion?

The task for the admin of the newly appeared born project is to determine his goals and life expectancies, as well as taking into account the image created. Depending on the set of factors, a competent strategy of the hyip promotion of the HYIP project is built:

Project Type

It is very important to immediately decide on what we are dealing with:

Low interest projects - as a rule, are created for a longer period and require constant spendings for promotion and advertising. Particularly sensitive at the stage of fading. When there is a reduction in the flow of customers, it is necessary to make a spin of promotion, which will help to attract new investors.

Medium interest projects - expect that your HYIP will live 3-4 weeks, and maybe 3-4 months. Perhaps, some reorganization should be needed later - and voila, a new HYIP is ready. So promotion can also become cyclical.

High-interest projects - do not live long, can go down after 2-3 days, as too tempting for investors. This is where the strategy of starting hyip promotion services is important, and then you can let the project run on its own.


The part of the budget you are ready to spend on hyip promotion depends on your financial capabilities. Truth be told, at least 60% of the budget should go for it, ideally 70-80%. Now you understand that HYIP-projects live only due to competent promotion.

Goals and external factors

What do you expect from the project, or rather, what financial results? Some admins are determined to break a couple of hundred dollars and close the HYIP. And there are many such projects, they feed them. But with a similar income for the hyip promotion, allocating big money is stupid. And there are admins who are interested in creating one or two, but worthwhile projects that will bring them thousands. In this case, they will promote them in every possible way and spend large sums on advertising. In addition, the budget will depend on the trends of the HYIP industry: one time all rush to forums, the other - trust contextual advertising. You need to be able to see the effect and, depending on it, redistribute resources.

Ways to promote a high-level project

Purchasing banner advertising

One of the most significant in terms of cost, but also the most popular ways of promotion. Indeed, to buy more space for banners on the resources - a good promotion of the HYIP project. But in fact it is necessary to learn to choose worthy resources, thematically related and well-selling ones, which will lead users to your project. HyipNews provides banner advertising services among the rest of hyip promotion services offering decent pricing and allocation of your banners on a targeted web portal. One should still remember that this part of spendings has its own peculiarities:

• High cost;
• Money goes directly to the admins of the resources where you are listed;
• High efficiency is still on the face;
• The cost of accommodation ranges (starts from from $11.99 per week at HyipNews for instance);

Listings purchase

There are special resources called monitors - these are sites that track newly born projects. It constantly monitors the newly emerging resources, so it is advantageous to be located there in the plan for your hyip promotion. But there is one thing: buying, say, 10 listings for a hundred bucks each does not say that you invested $ 1000 in promotion. Everything is much simpler: monitor admins place a deposit with interest. Some listing sites, apart from traditional listing fees can offer listing for placing bonuses on admins' accounts for monitoring services.

Along with most proven and tested hyip listing portals can offer some special terms for hyip listing. So does HyipNews, giving an effective start to new hyips, offering to obtain the All Inclusive! Package, which includes both listing, banner advertising services, Ads in Survey, Text Ad services and hyip promo available.

Promotion in Social networks

Perhaps, one of the most close to the real audience ways to promote HYIP projects, because it is as close as possible to the target audience:

• Placement of banners;
• Ads in social networks;
• Creating groups;
• Creating pages and inviting friends;
• Direct mailing and invitation to the HYIP project;
• Presentation videos, etc.

All these tools create a single complex - hyip promotion, which eventually becomes not very expensive, but really helps to attract targeted traffic.

Paidposters and "word-of-mouth" advertising

Here are two more very effective hyip promotion tools. The paidposting is some sort of a contract with the admin of the HYIP related resource for investors. The admin should transfer a certain amount to the newcomers, so that they can not just open an account in the HYIP and return the money, but also post information on the forums. Mutually beneficial transaction: while some earn, others finance them, and then vice versa.

Word-of-mouth advertising is a scheme, we are all familiar with since childhood. How are good and bad news carried? From ear to ear. Or in case of a hyip promotion - in the Internet, from the eye to the eye. The best tool for this is the forums on which there is supposedly a discussion of the HYIP project with a large number of positive and trusting images.

Attention: a post like "COOL !!!! SUPER !!!! " does not work. It should be a competently written and consistently written feedback about the resource. Let's say, mentioning REAL interest payments, with confirmation of the reality of the existence of admins, etc.

There is one more type of promotion - insurance, as well as chat and Skype. We will talk more about additional types of promotion of HYIP projects. So far, let's dwell upon the methods of hyip promotion and marketing tools.

Two methods of HYIP promotion

By extension, all the promotion tools can be put together in two groups:

Aggressive tools - those that literally attack the newcomers and invite them to join the group in the first days of the existence of the hyip project. As a rule, admins use such methods for high-interest projects or "fasts", less often, but they are also used for medium-interest projects.

Passive promotion of HYIP projects or smooth promotion - just suitable for low-interest HYIPs, which need systematic and gradual money inflow.

HYIP Marketing as an obligatory component of promotion

Since, fundamentally, HYIP is different from the financial pyramids and all kinds of fraudulent organizations or scams, it needs to be positioned from the very beginning in the correct role. In this regard, the construction of a marketing strategy in the promotion of HYIPs seems to be quite a difficult task, because it is necessary to sell the project quickly and make profit without a hint of deception. Therefore, you need to know marketing - a direction that requires studying a large number of sources of information as well as scale in approach. It also needs the corresponding budget.

Here are some marketing promotion tools that we would like to include in the hyip promotion complex:

• Creation of thematic forums and blogs;
• Involving "their" bloggers and custom articles on the topic of HYIP;
• Direct e-mail distribution;
• Sponsored articles-reviews of your resource;
• Participation in affiliate programs;
• The introduction of various promotions and bonuses on your resource.

Now let's talk about every tool in details.

Creating forums

Such way of a hyip promotion has the right to life, as it is generally a constant and trouble-free method of attracting new investors. People are accustomed to trusting someone else's opinion: on the forums you create, you need to publish information CONSTANTLY and RELIABLE. That is, testimonials inspire confidence, show that they are not created by robots and contain, for example, information about payments on the resource given.

You can also describe here various strategies, reviews about admins and the promptness of their response, publish reports. The main thing is that for this you will have to attract "your" people and not just your own, but good copywriters.

Attention: this advice though being harmful, does not mean that all the reviews on the forums are sponsored. There are real ones among them as well.

Direct Mailing

It can be implemented not only through e-mail, although this is the most reliable way to deliver information and the most traditional one. You can send the newsletter to Skype and social networks. The main secret is to compose such a text, which from the first lines will grab the client's attention, tell him about the advantages of entering the project. You should be aware how many similar ones exist on the network.

Important: you need to create an e-mail newsletter a couple of days before opening the HYIP. Especially when it comes to high-interest ones, which is not going to exist for a long time on the market.

Affiliate programs

Nobody offers you to feel like an affiliate. However it is vital to make a mutually beneficial partnership with the associated resources that will help the hyip promotion. To do this, simply connect new investors by sending them a special affiliate link to your project. This will bring additionally from 1 to 10% of income in the form of a commission: the more money your downline invests and the more he refers actually, the higher the income. Plus, it is important to get into the list of the first affiliate partners.

Sponsored Articles

From the ethical point of view, the topic is very complicated, because you are acting dishonestly. But it is important to choose an author, who will look at your resource in an objective way and will be able to highlight the merits correctly. And even let him add a couple of shortcomings: it always inspires confidence in the reader. In addition, such a promotion of the HYIP project allows newcomers to learn more about your resource in the form of a detailed review. Which is also an analytical material and a good experience for the investor.

Permanent promotions and bonuses

Encourage your investors with promotional and bonus programs. For example, when closing a HYIP, you can integrate a bonus system, and they will help not only to rise, but even cause a new wave of investors coming. Also, when opening a low-interest HYIP, it is advised to enter bonus programs to immediately attract investors to join a low-interest project.

Tips for admins

If it's up to you to take the role of a project admin, then you know that you will have to control payments on contextual advertising, monitor the update of forums and social networks. Other tips:

1. Remember - the more investors are involved in a project, the more logical it would be to create more forums;
2. Creating such sites does not guarantee 100% hyip promotion, though it gives effect;
3. It is recommended to have an assistant or distribute administrative functions between two or more co-owners of the HYIP;
4. Work with monitors with a good reputation, you can get up to 3000% return.
5. Keep yourself abreast of trendy ways to promote HYIP.

Conclusions: how to organize the hyip promotion

Based on all the tools studied above, you can build your own scheme of the HYIP project at each stage of its life cycle:

• At the stage of creation it is important to hire partners and administrators, to start mailing in advance and create forums about the HYIP.
• At the growth stage, you need to attract new investors and affiliates: great attention to affiliate programs, contextual advertising, social networks promotion. Forums should still be supported;
• At the fading stage, you need to make a bonus or promotion program that will renew interest towards your HYIP. Also effective banner advertising and new attacks on forums is vital;
• When the resource ceases to compensate your spendings, it is important to keep track of it and make a decision. Either invest in restructuring, or hit the jackpot and close.

Admins and partners, as well as the most experienced investors, knowing the nuances of hyip promotion, receive an excellent profit and a positive effect. Even if you do not yet rank yourself in any of the groups, even if you only learn how to create or earn money on HYIPs, listen to these tips. We are sure that you will be able to develop your own strategy, and your hyip promotion services will work 100%.

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