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latest hyip news digest august 22 2017
Check the digest for the latest news from Control Finance, TrafficHeap, listed at HyipNews, AlpexTrade, Ykke company, Chininvest and Chain Group
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Check the digest for the latest news from Control Finance, TrafficHeap, listed at HyipNews, AlpexTrade, Ykke company, Chininvest and Chain Group

We are pleased to present you, dear readers, with the latest updates from the hyips online.Control Finance has released the new weekly trade report weekly trade report. The report says about the fantastic increase in Bitcoin price, which grew by $1,000 within days. Thanks to that the company managed to achieve great results. The authors of the report are sure after activation of the SegWit protocol, the price should soar to $5,000. Control Finance was trading during the predictable trend and was planning to buy in the range of $250-$350. The future plans of the project are as follows:

- Opening a new large office in August 25,
- Connecting Litecoin (before August 31),
- Connecting 2FA (before August 31).

TrafficHeap listed at HyipNews for 67 days reported recent improvements, made to the website. First of all there is a slight adjustment applied to the Products Line. Because of Peak and off-Peak times in summer you can use the AdPacks to buy an exact number of visitors instead of the random visitors delivered each day, thus being sure an exact amount of people will see your website. The client's website is included in the special rotator until the amount of visitors ordered is delivered. Daily Rotator Spot will be returned back to the Product Line, with an updated pricing in the nearest future. It is also important to know that all ads activated before this newsletter are left untouched.

Another update is the removal of Buying Affiliates feature. Actually it was not removed, instead it has been temporarily suspended due to the works on advancing the corporate membership program. Once the membership program gets updated, affiliate sales will be resumed. Speaking of the membership TrafficHeap will introduce it shortly with multiple type of memberships, with advantages like priority or instant withdrawals, multiple streams of income, affiliate advantages and a lot of more. Stay tuned and don't miss the latest news.

The admin of AlpexTrade warned its customers beforehand of the upcoming extra holiday, which will take place on September 4, 2017 due to the Labor Day holiday. On this day the trading platforms will be closed. As the result during this time, profits will NOT be credited to users' accounts, however, all withdrawal requests will be paid out as usual.

The Ykke company is making quite a lot of efforts to get fame around the world. As reported, the customer support service has received many requests from people who want to see the company's web site in Portuguese. Most of the requests came from Brazil. Ykke company highly appreciates such a great interest in its own services and support from investors. Especially for customers from Brazil, Portugal and other countries and hence offers the version of the website in Portuguese.

According to the statement of Chininvest, given that bitcoin showed impressive growth in its price and the recent division and establishment of a new bitcoin in the person of BitCoin Cash, the developers decided to distribute a bonus of 10% to anyone who will invest in the auction package. More information about the bonus can be accessed on the official Chininvest website.

The Chain.Group project added to HyipNews 26 days ago, presented a new video promo, the link to which can be accessed on the official website. Also the video is posted on Twitter, but the link is on youtube, of course. IT is supposed to be a useful feature, especially when you consider that the project needs advertising and promotion. So in any case it's some positive news for the project to celebrate one month online anniversary.

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