Updated: 08/30/2017 12:03
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rolyinvestment presentation
See the presentation of Roly Investment added to HyipNews Promo listing on August 16, 2017 learn about the investment plans payment methods, main features
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See the presentation of Roly Investment added to HyipNews Promo listing on August 16, 2017 learn about the investment plans payment methods, main features

We are pleased to present you with the short presentation of the HYIP added to HyipNews 14 days ago: Roly Investment. The status of the program is still showing as AWAITING for the reason we are yet to receive the first payment according to the investment plan we have chosen for monitoring the activity of the project. Despite being added to HyipNews half a month ago, the project itself started on April 15, 2017. According to the legend Roly Investment is specialized in trading various cryptocurrencies in different spreads. The minimum amount for making deposit is 0,01 BTC, minimum to withdraw is 0.001 BTC.

The main feature of the project is that currently it works only with bitcoin. The investment offer consists of three plans with floating yield: 21% - 25%, 26% - 29% and 32% - 35% monthly with a deposit duration of 365 days. The deposit is included in payments, which, incidentally, are made instantly. The partnership bonus offered by the project is 3.5%.

The first impression of the project on the interface of the site is very ambiguous: on one hand, we know that it works on a script and has the proper protection, but the design does not look unique at all, and somehow it does not go along with the legend. We can certainly refer to the fact that admin has not been scrupulous enough choosing the design, not paying much attention towards it, still slight negligence is present, as it is in the legend of the project posted on the site. Although, on the other hand, developers have bothered to register an official company and placed official documentation on the site, PDF and video presentation as well.

Roly Investment can be considered not a bad project, which can and should develop or even change its investment offer, when more short-term and high-yield offers are relevant. The advantage of the project is that bitcoin is not converted into dollars, on the other hand, it would be useful for such marketing to have a couple more payment systems to increase the attractiveness. Pros and cons have already been discussed above. It should be noted that only the first plan is relevant (at least for the time being). In order to entrust larger amounts, the project needs to grow further, some kind of accountability for activities, webinars, etc., which is more common for projects with such long-term marketing, would not interfere.

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