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latest hyip news digest september 07 2017
Check the digest for the latest news from Control Finance, Laser Online, Respectativa, Roly Investment, Matrix Alliances, CryptoMineHoldings and Ykke
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Check the digest for the latest news from Control Finance, Laser Online, Respectativa, Roly Investment, Matrix Alliances, CryptoMineHoldings and Ykke hyips

Get to know the latest news from the hyips online in the latest news digest. Laser Online listed at HyipNews for 48 days, has been constantly working on adding major updates of personal account and billing system security features. After the latest add-on there were certain troubles with accessing member's accounts. The admin apologizes for the inconveniences caused. We are all looking forward to stable performance of the Laser Online hyip. As for other news from Laser Online, the project is pleased to announce adding BitCoin Cash BCH crypto-currency.

Respectativa working 40 days online releases the 2017 Road Map. The admin thanks all the members for the support and confidence in the company, due to which the team of the project is motivated and inspired by the members' dedication and support. By completing a month and a half lots of investors managed to complete 3rd investment cycle of the Moon Investment plan and 5th cycle of the Jupiter plan. As for recent updates French and German languages have been added as well as the review of the project has been published in Russian language.

Another weekly trade report has been published by Control Finance for the period from August 14, 2017, to August 20, 2017. According to the report Bitcoin currently trades in a range between $3880 and $4480. Despite the Bitcoin's slowed growth, alternative coins are still slower to react. The admin also apologizes for the delayed updates on the website. Moving to a new office, training new employees and other related activities take more effort than they could, but they are necessary in the long run.

Roly Investment recently listed at HyipNews announced its first newsletter. As described in the Business Plan the E-Mail Marketing for the company has started, which is a very important key feature for a growing, worldwide acting company. Besides on August 31, 2017 the Roly Investment website was attacked by Russian hackers. The DDoS attack tried to overload the servers, as the result the servers were out of access for the entire day. And now things look to be resolved the website is online and working with PAYING status available. The admin claims the newsletter will be delivered to the members every Sunday after completing every working week informing of Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash…), trading histories and results, company events. The last news inform of integrating the new User change security function. All Changes in the Settings have to be verified from now on from the owner by email.

Matrix Alliances listed at HyipNews for 10 days have now already reached 500+ members, which is a serious milestone. The sales look good and stable as the website is continuously progressing and getting stronger. The admin and the entire team of the project is grateful for all the hardwork and active participation.

CryptoMineHoldings is almost 10 days online and growing rapidly. The admin reported over $68000 in investments and over 500 members, who joined the project lately. Here are the detailed stats: Running days 9, Total accounts 566, Active accounts 136, Total deposited $ 68305.00, Today deposited $ 150.00, Total withdraw $ 27010.33, Today withdraw $ 2097.89.

Ykke has started operating in the the birthplace of Bitcoin - Japan. Basically the website has been translated in Japanese. The admin claims Ykke company has far-going plans and rather tight schedule for the coming year. There are plans to develop a flexible platform for the automated crypto currency trading during the next year. That will be a great opportunity for private investors to get the profit using the time-proved strategies. The general development plan is clearly described in the roadmap.

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