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latest hyip news digest september 28 2017
See the digest for the trading report from Doha Global Invest, Cryp Trade Capital, Liga Traders LTD, BIOSTRY, HourlyUsd and NowDeposit
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See the digest for the trading report from Doha Global Invest, Cryp Trade Capital, Liga Traders LTD, BIOSTRY, HourlyUsd and NowDeposit

Please find below the latest news from the hyips online. Doha Global Invest gladly informs users from China about the addition of the Chinese version of the site. Setting high value for customers from all countries, the team of the project claims to do all possible in order to make the investment as convenient, comfortable and safe as possible. Doha Global Invest will continue to increase its presence in the region, helping people to realize their financial opportunities.

Cryp Trade Capital issues the newsletter informing of the message sent from the world's largest central bank, Bank for International Settlements (BfIS) asking not to ignore the bitcoin trend. The matter is that till recently, the majority of central banks have been ignoring bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Some even posted warnings against spending funds to Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been ignoring them most of the time and now the time has come for the world's largest central bank, Bank for International Settlements (BfIS) to acknowledge all attempts to ignore bitcoin for years were wrong. Indeed, that's a great day for the industry, meaning largest financial institutions start to support Bitcoin.

At the moment, central banks in other countries adhere to a more cautious approach. In most cases, they simply issue warnings saying that cryptocurrencies are not regulated in a particular country and say that investing in bitcoins has its own set of risks. It's basically clear - Bitcoin has the potential to cause both losses and profits – potentially greater than that of any other traditional type of investment due to its high volatility. No matter what, the support of the largest Swiss bank is a great achievement and milestone for Bitcoin as a trend and as the industry.

Liga Traders LTD sends good news for Vietnamese investors. The things is that due to increased interest towards the project from the region, the site has been translated into Vietnamese and the development in this country has been started as the activities on translating the website in other languages are in process either.

Biotechnology Research & Development LTD has successfully added Perfect Money as a Payment Processor and now the website accepts deposits through PM, Bitcoins and AdvCash. Earlier, BIOSTRY announced its sixth annual Patient and Health Advocacy Summit held on October 2-3, 2017 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. This event brings together patient advocacy organizations, academia, regulators, biotechnology industry, and other stakeholders for two days of robust programming to discuss timely policy issues and share best practices.

HourlyUsd listed at HyipNews for 271 days completed the server upgrade and all the testing works as well. From now on, the website is using more powerful Comodo SSL and koddos DDos protection services. The instant profit payouts are resumed to all investors. The admin claims from now on the entire team of the project will be working hard to provide best services possible.

NowDeposit listed at HyipNews celebrates 100 days online milestone, sharing profits with its investors during the entire time of being online. To show loyalty towards its investors NowDeposit pays stability to them:

100 day online thanks activity (it ends until nine 30th)
1. A single deposit $ 300 ~ $ 500 bonus award 10%
2. A single deposit $ 501 ~ $ 1000 in prize money by 15%
3. A single deposit $ 1001 ~ $ 3000 in prize money by 20%
4. A single deposit $ 3001 ~ $ 10000 bonus bonus 25%.

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