Updated: 10/12/2017 16:42
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respectativa 75 days online
Learn about the milestones achieved at Respectativa, latest tasks accomplished, improvements done, some future plans have been announced
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Learn about the milestones achieved at Respectativa, latest tasks accomplished, improvements done, some future plans have been announced

Respectativa celebrates 75 days online being confident about offering the utmost beneficial investment options to the clients. There have been a lot of improvements done to Respectativa since original launch. New features are implemented in the industry and the team of the project hopes to be always up to date with all the innovations. So the following tasks have been accomplished:

– Addition of more Cryptocurrencies: Dash, BitConnect, Ripple, Monero, Stratis, ZCash and BitcoinCash
– Video Testimonials published on Feedback page
– Video presentation added to the Main page
– Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish languages were added
– GeoTrust SSL Certificate replaced by Comodo EV SSL with better layer of security and company extended validation
– A feature for investors to discuss and share views about the platform and gain 24/7 customer assistance
– Move to a new hosting provider with extremely powerful and reliable dedicated server for much better performances
- In order to keep the website's up-time always at highest level with advanced DDoS Protection, CloudFlare switch was completed.
– FAQ page has been updated with more Frequently Asked Questions
– Signup and Settings page were optimized.

In the future more updates are yet to come and some of them have already been announced: the new website design in being integrated, video step-by-step tutorials, motivational videos, career page, live stats, an option which will allow you to add funds on account balance, earnings’ timer with e-mail and SMS-notification and more are yet to be added. Respectativa is holding an advertising campaign on major crypto-currency sources. Banners on Coinmarketcap purchased and will start displaying from October 25. Turkish and Indonesian Language translation in progress and will be integrated along with the new website's design.

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