Updated: 10/27/2017 11:25
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hyip information survey 567
The HYIP Information Survey 567 published by Walter Anderson on October 27, 2017 is given following the link. You can see the preview below.
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The HYIP Information Survey 567 published by Walter Anderson on October 27, 2017 is given following the link. You can see the preview below.

Nice to present the readers with the regular Hyip Information Survey #567. Some changes were observed here in the Top Choice as well - Best Choice section now again counts to seven programs as Hour888 was promoted from the 2nd place in the Top Performers list to the 4th place in the Best Choice. Hour Power now takes the 1st place in the listing, while Hour Pay is the second one. Earning Hour also exchanged with Hour Paid.

Certain changes have been applied to the Top Performers section. Due to the promotion of Hour888 to Best Choice the majority of Top Performing programs listed got upgraded their positions and moved one place up. The Chain.Group replaced Hour888 in the Top Performers list. Another newcomer is Capitalist Assets, which replaced MaryBets hyip, blacklisted recently. The program is now taking the 10the place as HourTrust moved one place up accordingly.

Three programs are included to the Openings section today. Wealth and Romance and Hash Income are paying daily payouts. The third program added to HyipNews has been Bit Pool, which is an hourly paying investment opportunity. There is also a wide choice of new hyips, not yet tested, nor approved by any of hyip listing sites. At the same time, any of them may eventually turn out to be the leading ones.

Lots of programs have collapsed lately. Among the problems hyips last Thursday none of programs managed to recover, including the Racer Forex hyip, used to be listed at HyipNews. Along with that we are sorry to say eight more hyips, used to be listed at HyipNews got blacklisted lately: Racer Forex, OTCI, Forex Variation, Bitcoin Invest Club (used to be Sticky listed), Experienced Team, Roly Investment, MaryBets (used to be a part of Top Performers) and Rent Buildings after they stopped paying.

A number of latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section gives update concerning the phishing attempts by scammers to cheat users of Blockchain.info. Another update reminds of the cancellation of any Bitcoin exchanges on Chinese market starting from November 1 and the updated exchange fees enabled from now on.

Global changes can be seen today in the Hyip Quotes section. Three programs sharing first place: Luxearn, Yesss and Kiribati Invest, newly launched and promoted to the first spot from the fifth one. Capitalist Assets moved one place up. The same is the situation about Hour888. The Chain.Group has returned here today and we are pleased to welcome it to the fourth position even though some decline has been observed lately.

As for the last place, it's been a while we haven't seen those two oldtimers: DollarBill and Funds Broker are in the Hyip Quotes Top 5 sharing the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes Top 5 of the Hyip Informational Survey $567.

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