Updated: 11/02/2017 13:12
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laser online massive updates
Learn about the potential ICO launch at Laser Online, read the latest newsletter concerning the major updates on representative program and future plans
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Learn about the potential ICO launch at Laser Online, read the latest newsletter concerning the major updates on representative program and future plans

Laser Online turned on to scam. Do not invest in this program

Laser Online listed at HyipNews for 104 days
has recently issued a massive update for the customers telling about possible launch of ICO campaign soon. With a view to learn more about the need for ICO the poll has been organized, where users are offered to choose if the ICO campaign necessary at the very moment.

Getting closer to the 5 months online anniversary, Laser Online is growing. As it was mentioned in the 12 months development plan the most important success key is a maximum transparency directly from the company to the customers. The team of the project has been working hard to implement lots of customers' suggestions and highly requested features. So in the massive newsletter the admin summarizes the most important ones.

The major update has been the update of the representative board with the filters improved and many more local representatives added. The "trusted" tag has been added in front of every official representative. The status helps to find the best partner based in your country based on active investments and overall team effectiveness. There is an opportunity to apply for the representative and get 7% bonus.

Another update is adding new language versions of the website. Installing five new languages (German, Vietnamese, Hindi, Italian, Russian) is supposed to help building an impressive global communities of money earners in shortest time possible. In the nearest future up to 18 languages are going to be added as well. Apart from language localizations the new handy database section is available. All the latest news and updates are divided by categories, where customers can share comments, explore FAQ, watch tutorials and clients testimonials.

Another feature added is the profit calculator, with the help of which any potential customer can easily see how much profit can be earned with Laser Online. The new revenue calculator is available following the address: There are also some minor improvements made to the website such as: Personal account's user experience improvements and fixes (dynamic live-deposit statistics, withdrawal & investment sections), minor functional homepage design updates, Credit Score improvements & system core changes (negative CS issue patch), Social Channels accessibility (popups & useful windows), Account's notification system (new!), E-wallet editing is now available at your settings.

In the future some more improvements and platform updates are expected. They are mainly going to be focused on User Experience (platform's light-mode interface, expanded profile's support section, mobile version updates, new languages with content improvements) and Company's image and trust (detailed photoshoots, CEO webinars, team interviews and detailed business processes explanations).

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