Updated: 11/07/2017 12:10
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latest hyip news digest november 07 2017
New payment options from Geobitarb, Raizex, Bitcy representative page, Chain.Group referral program update and Resonance Capital support function
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New payment options from Geobitarb, Raizex, Bitcy representative page, Chain.Group referral program update and Resonance Capital support function extension

We are pleased to start the latest news digest with the update from Bitcy hyip, informing about opening the representative page, which gives extra bonuses opportunity. As it's been decided Representatives page has been added with special conditions to encourage active partners promoting the project online. To become the official Bitcy representative one should meet two conditions:

1. To have an active deposits for a total of 0.125 BTC minimum (if necessary, make deposits to reach the sum mentioned above).
2. To apply by filling in the form following the address below:

Once the application is confirmed (normally up to 7 days), the applicant becomes official representative and gets an increased bonus of 10-2-1% on the referral program. The profile is also displayed n the "Representatives" section and, accordingly, the visitors of the website will see it.

Geobitarb now starts to accept Perfect Money as another mode of transfer for investing to the project. Those who prefer using Perfect Money can now join the website via this new mode.

Also another program, Raizex has informed adding the new payment systems, which are going to be available soon. So the team of the project is adding ethereum and litecoin crypto-currencies for investment purposes. IF there are any questions on the new systems to be added, don't hesitate to contact the support of Raizex hyip.

Chain.Group listed at HyipNews for 103 days has informed members in the Twitter account regarding the change in the terms of the referral program. From now on there is an opportunity to change upline ID within 14 days after completing the signup to the project.

Two new language localizations were added for the TradexTop website. The website now supports French and German. Now it is better and more convenient to navigate the website, complete deposits, make withdrawals for the FGerman and French speaking investors.

The Resonance Capital listed at HyipNews since October 13, extends the support functions. The direct link to ResonanceCapital technical support is now operating in member's back-office. After entering the "Messages" section the special dialog box appears, where on can start online chat with the company's tech support. As the new function has been enabled the time for the issue being resolved and for the questions to be clarified gets minimized.

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