Updated: 02/28/2018 12:21
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Find out of the new payment methods accepted at NobbleDDoS, Energy Cars Revolution new languages, Ethmine paid out page, Bitify adaptive design and more
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Find out of the new payment methods accepted at NobbleDDoS, Energy Cars Revolution new languages, Ethmine paid out page, Bitify adaptive design and more

You may see the recent updates from a number of hyips below. First of all, we are pleased to deliver the news from NobbleDDoS added to HyipNews 3 days ago about the new opportunity added to invest in Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero and BitcoinCash. Also the website of the project has been translated into French. Spanish language is about to be added as well.

Energy Cars Revolution, listed at HyipNews for 20 days keeps on expanding the project worldwide. Two more languages have been added: Hindi and Polish. Adding new languages is supposed to help investors from respective regions to feel more comfortable when navigating the website. In the future there are plans to integrate Russian, Deutsch and Chinese. As part of the process of integrating Russina language the video presentation of the website in Russian language has been uploaded to Youtube ( The latest stats of the project are as follows: the number of members - 46,128 people, the total investment is $3452645.61, and the payments are $ 736574.73.

Ethmine is a new project, which is positioning itself as the source of mining Ethereum. The first newsletter has been delivered online introducing this project to potential and current customers online. The project is claimed to be based in Hong Kong and welcomes to join the dedicated Telegram group. Following requests by a number of users, the latest platform development is the creation of a paid out page, where one can verify any payment, both to your own accounts and to the accounts of other members.

Bitify Limited, another new program launched about a week ago, has implemented an adaptive design into the platform code and now the website automatically adapts to the screen resolution of the device one is using to visit Bitify Limited. You can now make deposit through a smartphone, tablet or other device as easily as you used to do through a laptop or a computer.

Oxytrade gives good offer for those, who know a lot about trading, and also want to work as a consultant and analyst for a bid. In short, Oxytrade recruit vacancies for permanent work to work with the company's customers. The main requirement is to have the skills to work with Forex, as well as in various financial markets. Details can look at the project's website.

Bitcowe project rolled out the long-awaited cloud mining platform - Bitcowe Mining. The platform allows you to receive additional income of ~ 5% of profit per day. Miners mine ETH and ETC crypto currency by ETHASH algorithm. The purchase price of 1 Mh / s is equal to 7.25 USD (the minimum purchase is 1 Mh / s). The money is automatically accrued every minute in BOW currency (Bitcowe digital token). The term of operation of the equipment is unlimited.

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