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latest hyip news digest april 16 2018
See some news from the hyips below, ETHMine posting pictures of Ethereum mining farms, IntelligentInvestment trading stats, BDeposit deposit bonus
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See some news from the hyips below, ETHMine posting pictures of Ethereum mining farms, IntelligentInvestment trading stats, BDeposit deposit bonus

Some more news from the hyips online are given below. There are not many updates unfortunately still we are pleased to let you know of the latest news from three hyips. For a start, there is an update from ETHMine. The admin has posted exclusive photos of our Ethereum mining farms as per multiple requests of the customers. The Ethereum mining farms are based in Iceland and as the admin claims there are a few key reasons for this. Aside from the general isolation the company benefits from highly efficient electricity costs and ample space to grow as the community grows. With on-site teams of technical experts latest technologies are being implemented, pushing the power of combined mining efforts.

IntelligentInvestment reports some pleasant news. The company keeps on growing carrying out trades using both fundamental and technical analysis, which allows to accurately predict the development of different markets and price charts movement and receive a guaranteed profit, as per reports of the admin. It's also been reported that latest week has been highly profitable. Most of the profit was from EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs.

On Tuesday the 10th of April, trading on the euro closed up, there was a surge in market volatility. The euro jumped to reach 1.2378. The traders of IntelligentInvestment have been actively buying EUR/USD at 1.2300. And after that, there was a descending movement again and we complemented our positions and corporate traders bought the euro at the level of 1.2240. At present, they have made sales in the EUR/USD pair at 1.2371 which already allowed extracting more than 120% of profit. Given that the euro crosses are trading up, the bulls look set to reach a new high. This will enable the extraction of good profits for the company in the next period.   

BDeposit offers all investors some sort of Spring opportunity for a new start. As per the terms of April promotion all investors are rewarde with the deposit bonus, which varies depending on the amount spent.

Deposit over 500$, enjoy a 20% deposit bonus;
Deposit over 4000$, enjoy a 30% deposit bonus;
Deposit over 10000$, enjoy a 50% deposit bonus.

All the bonus go to the first 30 investors in each prize. Promotion starts today and ends at the end of the month.

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