Updated: 05/07/2018 19:43
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latest hyip news digest may 07 2018
Learn about the changes at UltraFXLimited, AK47 Capital special plan, Menchor representative program, Impressio adding new languages and future updates
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Learn about the changes at UltraFXLimited, AK47 Capital special plan, Menchor representative program, Impressio adding new languages and future updates

It's been a long time after the previous news update. The beginning of May was not very active for the hyip admins and investors, possibly. Anyway, lately there haven been some events and news posted by the companies. Let us present some of them at your attention.

The UltraFXLimited program placed a notice telling about the decrease of the minimum deposit amount for daily base investment plans due to increase in Bitcoin price. Investment details are below:
2.2% Daily For 14 Calendar Days, Minimum is 0.001 BTC
2.4% Daily For 30 Calendar Days, Minimum is 0.100 BTC
2.6% Daily For 50 Calendar Days, Minimum is 0.500 BTC
2.9% Daily For 60 Calendar Days, Minimum is 1.000 BTC

Also there is a short notice concerning some big updates waiting, which is adding the Russian localization, adding ETH and Bitcoin Cash alternative payment processors.

The admin of AK47 Capital, listed at HyipNews for 62 days,  announced the start of the special PREMIUM 25 days compounding plan M4A1. According to its terms investors are supposed to get 1577% in only 25 days. Minimum deposit - $350. For investors with a $1000(or more) investment. Also there is a notice about a special bonus paid at the end of the term for investors with the deposit amount of $1000 and more.

Menchor announced the Representatives Program in addition to previously working Affiliate program which provides 2% return on all your referral deposits. Every Representative sees their 2% Affiliates return transformed into a massive 5% award. Anyone willing is free to join the program and send the application letter, which includes your full name, Menchor username, and country to To be a representative one should also explain the vision of how past experience and current role can be used to promote the platform on a regional or global scale. Within 24 hours after receiving the application it will be considered. As well as a 250% return boost on all referral deposits, you will also be first to enjoy top tier benefits, tap into VIP trades, and try out new features.         

Impressio hyip added several new languages: Indonesian, Hindu and Ukrainian. One can switch to the language preferred checking the new version of the website. To switch language, one should scroll down a website to see the language bar in top header or Login in dashboard and change it from there.

That would be all for today. Hope, we'll be able to deliver more better updates in the nearest future, which would definitely help potential investors make their choice upon joining the investment opportunity of their dreams.

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