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latest hyip news digest august 15 2018
See the latest news about milestones achieved at Splitt and Barrel company, Cloudpons adding Ripple, possible troubles at Wisedeposit, Crypto Emerald
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See the latest news about milestones achieved at Splitt and Barrel company, Cloudpons adding Ripple, possible troubles at Wisedeposit, Crypto Emerald plans

Barrel company reported that the amount of investment in the project was more than $1 million at the time when the number of users exceeded 10,000 people. During this and the previous week, the technical specialists of the site connected two more working versions of the translation into Vietnamese and Portuguese into the language panel.

Cloudpons expanded the list of accepted EPS by connecting the Ripple crypto currency.

Wisedeposit seems to be not very popular online and looks to be running a highly suspicious performance lately. Anyway the owners try to persuade every member of their serious intentions, reporting of adapting personal offices, and also of increased forecasts of the schedule of payments for 5 weeks at the request of investors, thanks to which it is now theoretically possible to open deposits up to 57 weeks inclusive.

Crypto Emerald celebrated 250+ days online and took the opportunity to thank all members, who stay with the project since its start. The total number of satisfied customers is over 118,000. The admin also reports that trading experts of the project are working tirelessly to be at the Edge, maximizing profit, and improving the technical Know-How. One of the spheres, Crypto Emerald is investing right now, is Real Estate. as for the future plans, there is an idea to open the Office in the UAE for the owned Mining company Oil and Gas. There is also a reminder for VIP members to claim their weekly bonus through the Live Support.

Splitt, listed at HyipNews for 27 days, opened for business in June — and they have been busy since then improving their program. On August 13 they published an update of "milestones" they have passed as they have been moving forward. This is a nice kind of thing to receive from an HYIP now and then. Investors appreciate this kind of dialog. Moreover this trend can be taken as the basis for any company. Mostly the milestones talk about group chats, localizations, payment methods, mobile apps etc. Check the screenshot below for the complete list and the timeline of the updates.
Splitt latest milestones

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