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hackers arrested 87 million stolen
Chinese hackers arrested after stealing about $87 million in fraudulent schemes with cryptocurrencies in different regions of the country learn the
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Chinese hackers arrested after stealing about $87 million in fraudulent schemes with cryptocurrencies in different regions of the country learn the details

Representatives of the Chinese police arrested three people who are suspected of stealing bitcoins and other crypto-currencies for a total of about $ 87 million.

As reported by the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the three criminals were arrested on August 15 in Beijing and the provinces of Hunan and Changchun a month after the police began the investigation.

According to the report, the victim of criminals by the name of Zhang filed a complaint with the police of the north-western city of Xi'an in March. The complaint said that Zhang's computer was hacked, which led to the loss of crypto-currency assets worth about $ 14.5 million.

The police investigation, which was conducted with the assistance of several well-known Internet companies, discovered a suspect named Zhou, who is supposed to have remotely penetrated Zhang's personal computer in order to transfer funds.

As the investigation progressed, the police also identified two Zhou accomplices, who are said to be experienced hackers. The police also accused the group of carrying out a series of illegal penetrations into corporate and private networks, followed by the theft of crypto-currency assets worth 600 million yuan (about $ 87 million).

Although the investigation is still ongoing, this case stands out against the background of other similar frauds, given the significant amount of stolen crypto-currency assets.

In January this year it became known that the five ministries of China will fight against cybercrime. However, crypto-currency fraudsters are very inventive and often very many people become their victims before the police are interested in them. In general, fraudulent schemes are quite common in countries with a high popularity of crypto-currencies.

Not so long ago in the city of Dalian, 20 employees of a computer company were arrested being suspected of using malicious software for mining crypto-currencies that infected more than a million computers. It is reported that for two years scammers have earned more than $ 2 million.

In April, a $ 13 million crypto currency pyramid was exposed in China. Not long before, the Vietnamese company Modern Tech disappeared with $ 660 million, cheating about 32,000 investors. In addition, at the beginning of this year, the creators of the Optioment pyramid in Europe stole 12,000 bitcoins from 10,000 people, and last week it became known that the crypto currency billionaire from Finland lost 5,500 bitcoins because of Thai scammers.

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