Updated: 08/27/2018 10:06
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latest hyip news digest august 27 2018
Check the latest news on the mobile app introduced at WestLand Storage, Splitt security update, InvestAlliance struggling, BankROI paying and market news
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Check the latest news on the mobile app introduced at WestLand Storage, Splitt security update, InvestAlliance struggling, BankROI paying and market news

Let's find out the latest updates from the hyips, currently working online. For a start, there's a massive update fro the WestLand Storage and the launch of its own mobile application for managing investments in real time mode. Apart from all the functionality of the website, the mobile app by Westland Storage also gives additional tools that make earnings even more profitable and simple. It is available in all languages available on the main website. The management of WestLand Storage encourages to us the mobile app, providing a gift on this occasion, increasing the investment amount by 5% for everyone who is using the mobile app. In addition, promo codes can be used to increase the amount of investments up to 10%, 15% or even 20%. One more feature available in the WestLand Storage mobile application is the one that lets customers refer friends as downlines in a very simple way. The Mobile Share feature can be used to send invitations to your contacts in just a couple of clicks.

Splitt currently listed at HyipNews for 39 days, announces another security update to further improve customers' security when dealing with crypto currencies. The new feature allows you to see the locations of your last accounts. In addition to that, you should never use passwords that you use on other platforms. If you see any unusual activity, change your password and enable 2-factor authentication.

Two websites have been controversial recently. While InvestAlliance seems to be struggling and showing some scam signals, the BankROI IO seems to be getting back to normal state, getting back to normal payouts, which is definitely good to hear.

And ultimately, let us share some market news in terms of the situation on the cryptocurrency market. Over the past few days, a good portion of cryptocurrency assets have been increasing in value. In fact, August 25, 19 out of the top 20 digital assets have seen gains in the past 24 hours. Yesterday the total market capitalization of the entire crypto-economy was around $219B USD with about $10.88B in daily trade volume. Most cryptocurrencies this weekend have been up in value between 2-6 percent during yesteray's morning trading sessions.

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