Updated: 10/16/2018 09:52
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Learn more about the upgrade of the dashboard at CryptoVilla, more information about the CVL tokens, the bonuses applied and profitability update
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Learn more about the upgrade of the dashboard at CryptoVilla, more information about the CVL tokens, the bonuses applied and profitability update

There come more updates from the hyips online. Traditionally at the very first place there goes some piece of news from the hyip listed at HyipNews. CryptoVilla, presented to the readers earlier, has issued another update announcing major changes and new opportunities available.

As the admin of the project reports, within last several days there have been works on improving the dashboard to make it more functional and convenient for the customers. So was the X3 multiplier updated, thus one can earn extra CVL tokens, you get them on the balance sheet and see a date of payoff. Also there is an update for the fee for using X3 service and loan payout.

We are all aware of the internal exchange, CryptoVilla is offering to its investors. We are happy to report it has now become much easier and more stable. All exchange requests are processed in a smooth way. There is also a major update concerning the multiple conversions. Any member can now process several of them at once. For example, with 1200 CVL on your balance you can now use both 200 CVL for 120% conversion model and 1000 CVL for 180% model.

The special attention should be taken towards the bonuses offered by CryptoVilla:

- extra 5% bonus is paid to those buying BTN in the Exchange;
- another 5% bonus is awarded for buying CVL for BTN.

There goes some example of a possible revenue, as it is seen by the team of CryptoVilla:

"Let’s suppose you are going to invest 10 ETH. For these funds you could buy 2250 CVL according to today’s rate.
The alternative:
1. Transfer 10 ETH to your CryptoVilla ETH wallet
2. Trade it on 2250 BTN on CryptoVilla’s Exchange. You’ll get 2362.5 BTN with considering the 5% (2250 + 5%).
3. Buy CVL for BTN. You’ll get 2480.6 CVL with considering the 5% (2250 + 5%). In total you’ll get extra 230.6 CVL due to using both bonuses."

For any detailed information about the updates from CryptoVilla, its new offers and bonuses, you should contact the support of the project (which is functioning in a proper way, to be honest) and get any information you need. And naturally anytime you are free to contact the HyipNews support for assistance.

Ultimately, let us announce more news from CryptoVilla, which may enhance your interest towards this project. The project's management opens up an opportunity to trade CVL tokens on external exchanges, where users will be able to receive CVL to their external wallets. The withdrawal fee for ETH has been decreased to 2% either as the CVL price will be raised up to $2. When ICO finishes 79 millions of CVL will be burned out so the price of token will grow further. As of now all plans are working and the project, as the admin claims, and we can see it from the stats, remains profitable.

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