Updated: 10/29/2018 08:30
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cryptovilla massive updates
Learn the last news from CryptoVilla, awaiting status, CVL token details upgrade, referral boost enabled, educational videos uploaded
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Learn the last news from CryptoVilla, awaiting status, CVL token details upgrade, referral boost enabled, educational videos uploaded

There is a massive update from CryptoVilla investment project, listed at HyipNews for 29 days. The program is assigned with the Awaiting status, as you can see following the link above. Anyway, there is an update and we feel like sharing it with the readers, no matter what the status of the hyips is. First of all there is a notification about the end of ICO. At the end 79,000,000 of CVL-tokens have been dismissed. Since October 15th, the price of CVL token raised up to $2.00 and will continue to grow. There are plans to list the CVL token on exchanges, where it can be traded for BTC or ETH. The option to withdraw CVL tokens to your external ERC-20 supported Ethereum wallets has been enabled either, as well as the option to transfer CVL tokens into your CryptoVilla balance using top-up function.

There are also some other updates that touch upon the attractiveness of CVL-tokens and bonuses applied for buying the tokens. More information about the bonuses and the conversion fees can be found on the official website of the program. It makes no sense to mention all of them, for there are lots of numbers, which are not fully comprehensive to trivial investors. The only thing we'll be pleased to let the readers know about is the motivation introduced to investors of CryptoVilla, as the admin claims:|

1) Buy 300 CVL or more and get 100 CVL welcome bonus
2) Buy 1000 CVL or more and get 200 CVL welcome bonus
3) Buy 5000 CVL or more and get 1000 CVL welcome bonus

To have more CVL to BTN conversions guaranteed profit is offered! This way, investors get guaranteed profits (130% in 30 days, 200% in 90 days or 320% in 180 days). As the officials claim, due to constant investors growth the CVL price grows accordingly. Actually, it's a typical pyramid and the program seems to act like that.

The last news from CryptoVilla update the investors on the referral boost. For Direct Referral, instead of 3% to 9%, you will receive from 5% to 10%. – For the 2nd level Referral, instead of 3% to 5%, you will receive from 4% to 9%. – For the 3rd level Referral you will receive 2% to 7%, instead of 1% to 3%. There is also a Cumulative Bonus enabled:

- 5%to 25% - Direct Referral,
- 4% to 15% - 2nd level,
- 1% to 10% - 3rd level.

Ther customers of the project are presented with the links for the videos, which tell about how to sell your BTN tokens for ETH, how to fund ETH to your internal CryptoVilla wallet, how to trade ETH, BTN and CVL on internal CryptoVilla's Exchange.

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