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latest hyip news digest october 30 2018
BitBoots adds new languages, CryptoLux opens up challenge CoinFinance representative program, another summit for Splitt and more news Ty Capital voting
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BitBoots adds new languages, CryptoLux opens up challenge CoinFinance representative program, another summit for Splitt and more news Ty Capital voting

Let's have a closer look at the latest news from the hyips working online. BitBoots have completed the integration of 6 languages, such as: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish ahead of a schedule. The translations are claimed to be made by professionals, however, the admin of the project insists, in case anyone finds any errors or misspellings, it is highly appreciated to contact the support of the program and let the authorities know about that.

CryptoLux listed at HyipNews for 214 days has announced the start of a new challenge, where everyone can participate and get a chance to win:

2 BTC | 5000 CLX | Trip worth $3500
1.5 BTC | 3000 CLX | MacBook worth $3000
1.3 BTC | 1000 CLX | IPhone XS Max 512GB
4th-25th – BTC & CLX (see table)

In addition to the prizes one gets normal commission of 8% from every deposit made by downlines as well as the bonuses.

In order to take part in the challenge one should register, share the challenge video adding the Hashtag: #clxchallenge and share the referral link with potential investors to generate sales and become a Top-Seller.

CoinFinance listed at HyipNews for 48 days launched the regional representative program, which gives an opportunity to earn 12% from your direct referral investments, made directly using crypto currencies or account balance. It is not required to be an active investor to become a representative. In order to apply one should send request to, giving the outlook of the plans to promote CoinFinance. Once checked, the response will be given within 24 hours.

Splitt, listed at HyipNews for more than 100 days has recently held the conference in Thailand and lots of summit visitors remained satisfied and happy with visiting it. As things progress, the Splitt team has some good news for the Thai investors, announcing the third Thai summit to be held on November 4, which will take place in Chiengmai Province in Northern Thailand.

Ty Capital seems to be aiming for some long run. At the least this is the exact feeling i had, taking a look at the voting offered by the officials to its members with the purpose to find out means for improvement of the website. I do hope it's not just another trick to draw attention to the website. Voting has been open on Facebook page and the questions on communication, trading stats, affiliate section and website security have been offered to the customers.

Guru of Finance finished testing the trading robot adapted for trading on BitMex.The results are, as the officials declare, good and capable of performing minimal tasks in order to ensure guaranteed profits to customers. During testing with a moderate risk strategy, the robot showed a yield of 4.4-7.1% per day. These results are yet to be considered and verified, anyway, they look good enough. Thus, from October 25, Guru of Finance officially notified they are working on 32 international exchanges.

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