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latest hyip news digest november 12 2018
Find out more information about the upcoming events to be held at Splitt, Guru of Finance interest bonus, Crypto-Emerald VIP upgraded package and more
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Find out more information about the upcoming events to be held at Splitt, Guru of Finance interest bonus, Crypto-Emerald VIP upgraded package and more news

Another news digest is presented at your attention below. Find the latest news from the hyips online. Guru of Finance reported on getting multiple grateful feedback and wishes from its customers to hold promotions monthly. In exchange the staff and authorities of the project, in honor of three months of stable work, announced another promo, which will last for just one day: November 13. According to the terms of the promo additional interest is supposed to be added to customers' accounts on this particular day. The bonus will vary depending on the amount invested:

On deposits of $ 10-100, 1% of the deposit is added.
On deposits of $ 100-300, 2% of the deposit is added.
On deposits from $ 300, 3% of the deposit is added.

Interest will be accrued upon completion of the action on November 14, 2018. Interest is calculated only on deposits made directly, omitting the refback and indirect deposit.

Crypto-Emerald has been offering VIP Upgraded package to members with the deposit of minimum $1000. The package includes, as claimed, lots of attractive features, which are as follows:

1. Earning 150% weekly excluding the principal
2. Share Holder and Long partnership with CRYPTO-EMERALD CO. LIMITED which means a customer will be among the Board of Directors, be part of Decision making.
3. Investor's account API upgraded so as to receive daily earning directly to investor's account through our API (AUTOMATIC PAYMENT INTEGRATION)
4. After Three(3) Months, Antminer s9 machine is delivered to investors in any part of the country of residence through DHL.

VIP Investors get updated on a weekly basis about the offers, which is is exclusive for VIP Premium
members of Crypto-Emerald.

Token Logic launched a bounty program which is a reward system similar to traditional Affiliates and Representatives programs, which bring you a 4% and 8% return relative to the deposits made by each of your referrals. The difference is that opposed to the fixed referral-based income of these programs there's no limit to the number of bounties you can pick up on behalf of Token Logic. A number of them has been setup and new ones will be appearing and adapted to the project. Every member, though, should be aware that each bounty has a few simple guidelines one should follow for payout to be completed successfully.

More upcoming events have been announced by the Splitt project, listed at HyipNews for 116 days. For the first time the summit is going to be held in Italy. Another summit is to be held in Ghanna. Thailand is also active: 4th part of the summit will take place and Splitt Cafe is to be opened in Thailand as well. In the nearest future the Events Request Form will be available on the website, where one can apply for the Event to be held in a desirable region.

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