Updated: 12/05/2018 11:44
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latest hyip news digest december 05 2018
See latest news from Ellaos, Instant Mining celebrating 200 days online, Weenzee meetings and conferences with local representatives, Luxearn video
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See latest news from Ellaos, Instant Mining celebrating 200 days online, Weenzee meetings and conferences with local representatives, Luxearn video reviews

Let us start the hyip news digest today with the update from the high yield investment project Weenzee. Actually, there are several updates: the admin announced the start of December with the event that took place on December 1 in Bangladesh. It is the meeting with the members organized by local representative Panji Samudra. On December 2 another meeting took place in Ngawi, Indonesia. The theme of the conference was digital assets, including cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. The meetings were supposed to get other people acquainted with the Weenzee high yield investment project, everyone interested in ways to make money online.

Instant Mining hyip investment program, listed at HyipNews hyip monitor for 154 days, celebrated 200 days online performance. The admin joined our listing one month after the project started working online. SInce the launch till now there's some good stats available: more than 1400 bitcoins has been mined, five mining centers have been opened, which are now running properly. The good thing about the company is reaching nearly 15% of profit even in the downtime of the cryptocurrency market. As of now this hyip investment project is paying smoothly and takes decent place in the HyipNews listing with the Paying status assigned. We are watching the payment status and will definitely let you know if things go wrong or in case of any updates from Instant Mining.

The Ellaos hyip investment opportunity has been rich in updates in the beginning of December. On the 3rd of December the news was published concerning the launch of the exchange office, which gives an option for the members to exchange funds available on the balance. While being in test mode exchange is processed from 1 minute to 6 hours. By the end of the test period funds exchange should be processed instantly in all directions, without commission and without intermediaries. Profitable" and "Strategic" investment options have been enabled with two slots for deposits. This addition gives opportunity to have two open deposits on each tariff plan at the same time, which will increase the profitability. Finally, there is a notice about the webinar, which will be held on December 6. The general questions on the company marketing plan, the currency exchange and affiliate program will be discussed. Attenders in practice are supposed to learn how to open deposit, withdraw funds and find out anything related to the Elaos hyip investment project.

Luxearn is a long-term hyip investment project listed at HyipNews for 641 days. Recently, the team of the project began to upload videos, where large sums are withdrawn from the project. And saying "large sums" we mean high yield earning of millions of dollars. Videos are designed as a video review, and clearly aimed at the corresponding "advertising" effect. In general, a great method, but you can also send them your video, if you wish.

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