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latest hyip news digest january 14 2019
Read latest hyip news learn more about the conferences held by Weenzee, BitBoots coin mining, Caribbean Dream Holding meeting video, Litecoin halving
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Read latest hyip news learn more about the conferences held by Weenzee, BitBoots coin mining, Caribbean Dream Holding meeting video, Litecoin halving

Take a look at the hyip investment news from the working projects. For a start, there are two major updates from Weenzee hyip, all of which are devoted to the events and conferences recently held on January 13 in Turkey and on January 12 in China. The aim of the Turkish conference, which a consecutive one, was to explain directly to people what are the competitive advantages of Weenzee. Kemal Turkmen spoke about the artificial intelligence of Weenzee, the way it constitutes the computational basis for the Weenzee trading bots that make deals on the market and provide the owners with a stable and real income.

The topic of the Chinese meeting was "A real international project of Weenzee with powerful technical support, a source of real profit". The speaker was talking about the nuances of working with the Weenzee platform and gave important advice to investors. More information about the innovative technologies of the project has been disclosed (taking a look back at artificial intelligence and trading bots created by talented programmers).

BitBoots, which is the online representation of Grailum Lab Limited, has issued another update, explaining how it is possible to mine Grailum coin from a home PC, using the software provided by the company. The main issue in mining and getting the reward is the lack of automatic interface, due to which until it's completely automatic all payments are to be processed manually every Friday. The company gets back to the customers with a status of 7 days mining hash contribution, the share of reward and sends a payment to partners. As explained, currently it is easy for any small computer size to earn a decent reward mining from home. The numbers looks like a middle performing pc can do around 3000kb/s hash and earn somewhere between 60-80 gxm a week.

Caribbean Dream, listed at HyipNews hyip monitor for 193 days, has been another hyip investment program, which informed about the offline meeting, which was held in Islamabad, Pakistan. The admin uploaded a video from this meeting to the corporate social networks and the website of the project. To find more news about the event make sure to keep up with the official pages of the project in SMM. Moreover, if you interested in organizing a similar meeting in your town or city, feel free to contact the hyip officials to get the support and details.

On Saturday, January 12, a 60-millionth coin was mined in the Litecoin cryptocurrency network. Thus, to date, about 71.5% of the total emission in the amount of LTC 84,000,000 has been mined. The achievement of this historical stage also means that only 3,000,000 LTC before the next halving remain to be mined, when the size of the reward for the found block decreases from the current 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC.

At the current emission rate, production of 1 million LTC takes about 70 days, after halving, this period will double, to 140 days. It is also noted that, taking into account the Litecoin deflationary model, the 70-millionth coin will be mined in about 1,330 days, that is, somewhere in the middle of 2022.

The last LTС coin, according to the mathematical model of cryptocurrency, should be mined approximately in 2142. The size of the reward for the found block is 0.00000042 LTC.

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