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latest hyip news digest january 17 2019
Read latest hyip news learn more about the milestone reached by BitAeon, Weenzee portfolio limit, Doubly new features, Zonders new Shanghai office
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Read latest hyip news learn more about the milestone reached by BitAeon, Weenzee portfolio limit, Doubly new features, Zonders new Shanghai office

Take a look at the hyip investment news from the working projects. BitAeon issued the third newsletter giving the summary of the latest news, which took place since the previous report. The biggest achievement, as the admin of BitAeon claims, is surpassing the 80+ days online milestone. At the same time hyip investment project reached +210% in generated profits, getting stronger and more solid day by day.

As informed earlier the first steps to launch Cryptocoin BitAeon were taken at the end of December. For a limited time, the amount of 3% from your daily profit payments will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance. These coins will be used in the closed testing and you will be able to send, exchange and spend these coins when Cryptocoin is launched. The important update concern the website and account security.

As it's been reported multiple attempts of illegal and malicious accessing the members' accounts have been observed lately. Unfortunately, not always such breaches can be detected and as some of the attackers have Phished all the access data and managed to transfer funds without raising any security checks. In order to prevent hackers from stealing your funds, it is recommended to secure accounts enabling the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and changing passwords regularly. Also make sure you access the correct domain, when accessing the website:

Weenzee for a limited period of time introduces portfolio limit (until March 1, 2019) for the total amount on one account in order to balance and redistribute the volumes. At the same time it is worth noticing, every customer is eligible to create unlimited number of investment portfolios with total amount equivalent or not exceeding 50,000 USD. Due to raising popularity of the project in the countries of Europe and Asia this decision was taken as a response to the growing number of investors, active use of a multi-currency wallet, and numerous contributions to investment portfolios.

Doubly hyip investment listed at HyipNews for 43 days announces adding more features to the project, which are supposed to add more security and flexibility. According to the reports the negotiations with an insurance company are in process, which will allow the project investors to insure their investments so they can close / release their investment package at any time and refund their investment back. As for the features, here is the list of the main one recently added: Telegram Bot (to be used for reinvesting directly from member's account). Every investor received a unique PIN via e-mail and using the Trading AI owned by Doubly payouts are now processed making a simple click on the website or in the telegram bot. Automatic payouts have thus been disabled.

Zonders opens an office in Shanghai, expanding its activity on the largest trading markets. The company implements a constantly growing volume of investments with high profits. Shanghai was chosen as a center of the commerce and finances in the district, where several transnational corporations and large financial institutions are located. Zonders office is located in one of the most prestigious high-rise buildings in Shanghai – BEA Finance Tower, at: Unit 1815, BEA Finance Tower, 66 Huayuan Shiqiao Road, Shanghai, China 200120.

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