Updated: 01/23/2019 17:45
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bitaeon phishing warning
Find out more about phishing attempts from BitAeon as their number increased, ways to secure data, 2FA to be enabled and watching for the correct domain
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Find out more about phishing attempts from BitAeon as their number increased, ways to secure data, 2FA to be enabled and watching for the correct domain

Phishing has unfortunately become an integral part of hyip industry, which may lead to stealing the customers personal and financial information by hackers, making clone versions of popular websites. When users enter these websites and enter any data within they risk losing money and privacy.

BitAeon has been the latest hyip investment opportunity, which has suffered from hackers and so, assuring the security is a priority for the BitAeon team, published the security update and the warning against entering the phishing sites. As it's been informed recently the number of hacking/phishing attempts towards the members of BitAeon has increased drastically and hence the owners of the BitAeon hyip investment opportunity took the chance to inform the customers of the step to be made in order to secure personal data and get them encrypted.

With that said, no matter how secure the BitAeon website is the clients need to make sure to choose a secure password and ensure that login details are safe. It is highly recommended to enable 2FA and update your password and PIN regularly. At this point there are many copycat sites that end with different domain extensions (such as .site .pro .icu etc). They pretend to be BitAeon and steal your login details. Any website asking for a PIN during login is MALICIOUS!

2FA can be enabled using Google Authenticator: Also one needs to be sure to access the correct domain The easiest way is to save this domain in your bookmarks and try to avoid "Googling" the site as this may result in showing the malicious sites as some of the results. At this time this the only official domain name!

In addition, there are many scammers who are posting on BitAeon Telegram chats and pretending to be associated with the owners. We do our best to ban and report them immediately, but not always it can be done instantly. The official news/announcements are only posted from the official Telegram account with username: @BitAeon

Make sure to be safe and keep your personal and financial data away from hackers, using various ways to steal them. No matter what website you are entering (BitAeon or another hyip investment) - be sure you do everything right. Be smart and be safe not to risk your finances.

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