Updated: 01/23/2019 17:28
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Learn about the latest news from Doubly hyip investment program, new languages added, new Instagram page, successful contract with the exchange partner
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Learn about the latest news from Doubly hyip investment program, new languages added, new Instagram page, successful contract with the exchange partner

The Doubly high yield investment program, listed at HyipNews for 49 days has been pretty active on the market within last days. Several updates have been published as the admin informed the members of new investment limits, social media update and new website translations available.

Among the latest translations Italian version has been out. The entire list of available languages Doubly website can be accessed on can be seen in the header of the site in the upper right corner in the pop-up menu. Adding new languages the team of Doubly hyip investment program is looking forward all customers will now understand the service faster, better and easier in almost every language.    

On January 18 the new post on the Doubly Facebook page appeared telling about the new instagram page that had been launched. Naturally the team of the project asks every customer to follow the new page and ignore another one. On the occasion of launching the new Instagram page, Doubly also extended the giveaway until January 25th and the price increases to $100. Just hit the "Follow" button and get the chance to win. The winner of the giveaway will be randomly selected on January 25th among all those follow the Doubly page from until January 25. Bonus will be sent immediately to the private wallet.

The latest massive updates from Doubly tells about a successful contract made with exchange partners, which will allow to get better results and learn more information about the current situation on the market in a better way from the inside. In addition, the new contract basis includes a significantly higher deposit and withdrawal limit in different currencies. This eventually allows sending higher amounts of money faster from and to the exchanges. For this reason many requests customers have complained about such as a too low maximum limit of 100 BTC, 100 ETH, etc. per package can be processed.

Here are the new maximum limits per package that are now valid.

up to 350 BTC per package
up to 1500 LTC per package
up to 1200 ETH per package
up to 1500 DASH per package
up to 1100 BCH per package

If you need more information about the Doubly website and the opportunity it offers to the customers you can always contact the support or join the official Telegram group, the link to which can be foun on the official Doubly hyip investment website.

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