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Latest hyip news, Forest4 milestones, future plans, Grailum major news, script rebuild, Bizzilion warning against phishing sites, adding Ethereum Classic
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Latest hyip news, Forest4 milestones, future plans, Grailum major news, script rebuild, Bizzilion warning against phishing sites, adding Ethereum Classic

Forest4, added to HyipNews on March 16, 2019, has successfully passed 1 month online. The company has reached the milestone and now serves more than 5000 customers worldwide. One of the main features of the company as claimed by the admin himself is timely payouts to every single client. The reviews about the company on forums blogs and other online resources are absolutely positive. The programmers of the project are developing new modules for the convenience of investment from mobile applications. They also work on creating new modules for the website and improving the security of customers' funds. Another special feature, worth paying attention to is lack of aggressive advertising campaign, relaying mostly upon positive feedback from the customers.

Grailum Ltd. has released several major news updates telling about GXM Exchanges negotiations less than 90 prior to the launch of Grailum GXM. As it's been reported there are currently talks with 30 interested exchanges and many more are expected to to join before the launch date 30th. of June 2019 where all exchanges adopted Grailum GXM will be announced to public. Also the specialists from Grailum Ltd. have started to get in contact with script providers for different interest of categories offering integration and help to integrate Grailum GXM payment and API gateways to get Grailum coin widely in use before entering the large trading exchanges end of this year. In a few months, there are plans to start rebuilding a line of free open source scripts and integrate Grailum coin to it. This will be interesting for any who plan to start a new online business in the following categories:

- Coin Exchanges
- Coin listing
- Coin wallet
- Investment script
- Advertising script
- MLM script

All scripts will be available on the Grailum GitHub account for free download and rebuild is complete.

Bizzilion urges the customers to be vigilant, because due to the high popularity of the company, fraud cases in the Telegram messenger using the name Bizzilion have become frequent. Attackers make mailings from fake accounts and offer to invest in the platform, providing third-party account information for transmission.

In order to avoid undesirable situations, there's another reminder from the official Bizzilion website that all financial transactions should be made only through the official website, the link to which is given above. If you have any doubts and questions, you can always clarify the information you are interested in by contacting the company's support service.

Continuing to improve the functionality of the platform, the Bizzilion team expands the list of available currencies adding Ethereum Classic coin, now widely used for payment transactions worldwide. From now on, all users have the opportunity to invest in the platform and withdraw funds to Ethereum Classic.

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