Updated: 05/20/2019 15:26
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latest hyip news digest may 20 2019
Cryptouniverse adding new investment plan, Wssavior DashCoin added, El-Terro automatic withdrawal, Brit-Local adds Ethereum, Bizzilion and Hooplex updates
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Cryptouniverse adding new investment plan, Wssavior DashCoin added, El-Terro automatic withdrawal, Brit-Local adds Ethereum, Bizzilion and Hooplex updates

Check out the latest news from the hyips online. The administration of the Cryptouniverse project met the requests of its members as they put it on their official Instagram account. The project introduces new options for income and included another high-return package, the details of which you can see in your account if you are registered in the HYIP.

In the meantime, the Wssavior project adds new payment systems for the convenience and comfort of its investors. Relatively recently, this was the DashCoin cryptocurrency, which has already become large, the list is available for depositing/withdrawal systems, and in the near future we should wait for the new one - Perfect Money.

Statum Global is taking into account the wishes of its customers, allowing adding one more plan, offering 3.3% per day. As a matter of fact, the plan is not bad in terms of profitability, given the marketing of the project, so as an additional incentive for investment, it works. But the most important thing is that the project is developing and that is good.

El-Terro activated automatic withdrawal to make the process simple and more convenient to the customers. Now that the transaction amount exceeds the minimum limit for withdrawal, the payment is made automatically. Automatic withdrawal feature can be activated in your account, following the address:

Transactions are formed when:
- accrual of interest on the deposit
- accrual of referral fees
- return of the deposit body

Brit-Local connected the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Now you can multiply the number of your Bitcoin in a short time. The Ethereum rate is fixed - 1ETH = $200. Ethereum is not converted into dollars. The minimum recharge amount for Ethereum is 0.1ETH. The minimum withdrawal amount for Ethereum is 0.05ETH.

Bizzilion informs all partners about the addition of Korean to the platform. Due to numerous requests from users of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea, the decision to further expand the language panel has been taken. This will allow even more of partners to work on the platform with maximum comfort. Switching to Korean is very simple: one should click on the language bar and then select the appropriate flag. This option is already available for use on the website.

Hooplex adds another representative, this time in Brazil. The project in this country was started by an active leader who reviewed the project in Portuguese especially for Brazil.

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