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Check out the latest hyip news online, OldridgeFund scam warning, El-Terro lottery, advertising reward, Tresor bounty campaign
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Check out the latest hyip news online, OldridgeFund scam warning, El-Terro lottery, advertising reward, Tresor bounty campaign

Check out the latest news from the hyips online. OldridgeFund expands to the East. Even though the project announced adding Chinese and Japanese versions of the website there is a risk for the program to be turning into a scam recently. Some major listing sites have already blacklisted it, though things are not that obvious, which is why, for now, it makes sense to let the HyipNews readers know about the latest events from the program, which apart from the rest announced the important upgrade of the investment pools. No matter what, for now it's obviously risky to place any deposits to this hyip.

According to the results of the third lottery by El-Terro, 10 deposits of $100 for the period of 10 weeks were played out for new investors. Using the random number generator, the following users are selected:
$100 - sokol09, shalfeii, Sergey, trandinvest, bard, Tati, GoldFish, Kazyseves, Marishka, olga
To get a gift deposit, winners need to contact the support. A new way to get advertising reward from El-Terro is "Publishing in social networks". One should post to any social network with the referral link and a brief description of the benefits of the service and get $0.3 for each post per day.


1. Publication is possible on publicly accessible social networks.
2. The post must contain information about the El-Terro system, a referral link and a demonstration of the deposit or payments and be no shorter than 100 characters.
3. A social network account must have at least 100 friends or subscribers.
4. It is required to have an active deposit.
5. The post should be fixed on the social network page.

Payment for the promotion of the El-Terro system comes in the currency in which the last active deposit was opened. In the personal account in the "Advertising reward" section you can track accruals for the Advertising program, as well as moderate your completed tasks.

El-Terro also offers everyone to participate in the first presentation webinar, where the following topics in will be discussed.

• Company marketing plan
• Currency exchange
• Affiliate program
• Advertising reward
• Opening deposit
• Withdrawal of funds

Webinar is being held today on June 5, 2019. To know more one should follow the news on the E-Terro Telegram channel.

Tresor is giving free Ethereum, offering Bounty Campaign for the customers. One should choose one of the tasks: Quick Start, Facebook or Instagram. Become a subscriber of the official pages of the company in social networks and telegram and follow the simple conditions, complete the tasks listed on the link:, and get Ethereum for free.

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