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latest hyip news digest october 29 2019
Read the latest digest Yesss raises fake applications warning, Hodium new feature added, Mindhome performance, Mizes new equipment, Synergists plans
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Read the latest digest Yesss raises fake applications warning, Hodium new feature added, Mindhome performance, Mizes new equipment, Synergists plans change

Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. The representatives of Yesss hyip, listed at HyipNews for 991 days, have officially announced there are no any official applications at Google Play, App Store etc. available. Every application distributed on behalf of the project are fake and may cause risk to investors, which may lead to stealing personal data or even infect customers' devices with viruses. All financial transactions processed ONLY through official Yesss website. The list of official resources can be verified any time following the address
Official social media accounts:
TWITTER Account:
YouTube Channel:
Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:
Instagram Account:
Facebook Page:
All other resources and web addresses other than those listed above are not official and cannot be trusted.

Hodium have earlier announced the poll asking for the need to integrate an interactive calculator where it would be possible to calculate future interest returns, based on the average daily interest. After getting the poll results the decision was taken to integrate one and the new feature is alreayd available on the official Hodium website.

Elveis added online support on the site for quick communication and removed payment restrictions, now all withdrawal requests are processed instantly.

The Mindhome project's representatives reported that one week ago the project actually marked exactly one year from the moment it was launched online. Mindhome has been listed at HyipNews for 36 days.During this time it managed to attract our readers' attention and get to the highest positions in the listing. Some of the customers who joined the project on early stages have already increased their investments in a short time, which is obviously a good result.

Mizes is a project, which is claimed to be working online for more than 350 days, and in a couple of weeks a year of passive and stable income will be completed, which allowed investors to earn from 350% to 1050% for the entire period. The company continues to develop actively, a second room with new equipment installed has been opened, part of the photo is published on the About Us page and in social networks.

After a thorough discussion the owners of Synergists hyip have agreed to change the current plan from 2% for 150 days to 1% for 300 days, meaning it would be best for all parties. This new updated plan will surely maintain the stability of the program, which is obvious, for it's less profitable. It's not a good sign, actually. The change may be the sign of the program owners being lack of funds, which is, in its turn, a sign of the program to turn into a scam hyips soon. So far things look positive, let's monitor the activity for a while and see, what's next.

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