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insane things you can buy with bitcoins
There is nothing Bitcoin cannot buy You need the correct implementation for it Bitcoin has been there in the market for quite a while now In its early
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There is nothing Bitcoin cannot buy. You need the correct implementation for it. Bitcoin has been there in the market for quite a while now. In its early years, nobody believed that bitcoin would be this successful. The people who have invested money in Bitcoin in its first years are most of them millionaires.

After failing to make a good impression from the start, bitcoin has rallies among industries in several industries. This rally has made the cryptocurrency what it is now.

Looking back at the first purchase made by 10,000 bitcoins to buy two large-sized pizzas worth $30, we have certainly come far.

So, what is the market evaluation of a Bitcoin today? What can we buy with Bitcoins? Let’s have a look.

Things you can buy with Bitcoins

The price of the bitcoin is highly volatile and keeps on changing every second. Hence, it becomes very tricky to find what things can be bought with the help of 1 Bitcoin. In this section, I will go through some of the things that I could do with a single bitcoin.

1. Gold

After the widespread of COVID 19, the economy of the world took quite a beating. In the last couple of months, the economy of the world has seen a steep fall. Even the price of the bitcoin reached its lowest price evaluation of the year at $3500.

However, the authority has taken some strict measures to control the COVID 19, and the government has allowed businesses to run. It has started boosting the economy.

The price evaluation of the bitcoin has surpassed the $11000 mark. If I want to buy gold today with a single Bitcoin, then I can easily afford to buy 6.5 ounces of Gold with 1 Bitcoin.

2. Ethereum

What if you want to convert your one bitcoin into other cryptocurrencies? How many different crypto tokens can you get with a single bitcoin? Let’s find out.

There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in the world. Among them, Bits coin is the most popular and has the highest price evaluation. However, there are other cryptocurrencies as well that are considered the alternative of bitcoin.

For instance, there are Ethereum, ripple, lite coins, etc. Where one Bitcoin will be equivalent to 42.2 ETH, 30132.8 XRP, 206.6 LTC, respectively.

3. Costliest flight

Traveling abroad can be quite expensive, especially when you are taking some of the most luxurious airlines. Today, the exact price evaluation of a single Bitcoin is $11697.8. That means I cannot take the costliest flight of today (Los Angeles to Dubai, Emirates Airline). However, I can make an affordable yet luxurious flight from New York to Singapore via Singapore airlines. The current price of the flight ticket is around $14000.

4. Apple iPhone 11 pro

The excitement of buying an Apple iPhone 11 pro is a different feeling. But this feeling can tab into the next level with the ongoing sale on the Amazon. Yes, you heard me correctly, today there is a sale on Amazon where you can get an exciting offer on some of the iPhones.

The current price of an iPhone 11 Pro is $999. That means you can buy eleven iPhone 11 Pro from a single Bitcoin. Isn’t that amazing.

5. Burgers

Bitcoin has come a long way since it has been used to make a first official purchase of two large pizzas with 10000 Bitcoins ($30). Man, that’s way too much. If I had kept those 10000 Bitcoins, I would have been a millionaire ($117 million) right now.

But what if I want to buy MacDonald king size burger, how many could I buy today? Currently, the price of a king-size burger is $5.29. If I were to buy 1 Bitcoin worth of king-sized burger, the total number of burgers I would have right now would be 2211 burgers. That is just too many.


The regulation of the cryptocurrencies has become smoother as compared to that of its early days. There are still some flaws with the cryptocurrency’s regulation, and even today, you cannot buy everything. However, with time, it will surely be able to buy everything you see around you.

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