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samsung blockchain solution private share
The electronics giant Samsung may be working on a blockchain-based application to facilitate a secure way to transfer files data and information ...
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The electronics giant Samsung may be working on a blockchain-based application to facilitate a secure way to transfer files, data, and information.

Although Samsung has not given further details, sources specialized in the topic revealed that the company is developing a software called Private Share, which uses the blockchain to prevent file receivers from using the information in ways not authorized by the senders.

Privacy + Blockchain: The Perfect Fit

Samsung has long been concerned with the development of privacy solutions. Since the Galaxy S10, it has implemented cryptocurrency wallets in its high-end devices. It has also partnered with or supported several blockchain and crypto projects such as Gemini, Enjin, Stellar and Tron.

Private Share is simply the point where these two areas come together to try to solve a problem that has become popular with the globalization of the Internet.

Samsung’s idea is to use blockchain technology to establish specific parameters prior to sending a file. For example, a person could make sure that a particular file is opened by a specific identifier, set an an expiration date for the file, and permanently delete it without the possibility of being recovered.

It is also possible to prevent screenshots or to save the information by unauthorized means. However, they do point out, of course, that there is no defense against some unorthodox solutions like taking videos or pictures of the information using external devices.

While similar applications exist, the use of decentralized and cryptographically robust technology provides a higher level of security. Applications such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others have been cracked in the past to allow users to natively save unauthorized content on their mobile devices. Similarly, data storage on central servers is a weakness that has already been exploited by several hackers – remember what happen with the Snappening, or the hack to the Apple iCloud servers.

In addition, users can be more confident that their private files will not be spied on by Samsung as there will simply be no way for Samsung to access them as the transmission would be P2P with encryption.

Samsung’s Blockchain-Based Solution Could Not Be a Flagship-Only Feature

It is yet to be seen when this implementation will be available. Still, there is hope that it will be announced with Samsung’s new line of premium smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 (or should we say S30?) may be shipping in early 2021.

Also, for those short on money, it is possible that Samsung starts rolling out its new blockchain-based technology to other devices just as it did with Quick Share and Music Share, which are already available for its former premium and mid-tier lineup.

In the meantime, it’s better to wait before sending those hot pictures to the person turning you on.

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