Updated: 03/30/2021 06:41
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us government will not be banning bitcoin
There have been speculations among the US government for sanctioning Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies but thorough screening has been done and
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There have been speculations among the US government for sanctioning Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies, but thorough screening has been done, and it did reveal that there is nothing more to it, and Bitcoin did get a green signal from the concerned bodies.

Bitcoin has been reviewed thoroughly as an asset according to Tyler Winklevoss by the authorities who were trusted with this very task, and it is highly unlikely that the US government might come back for it once again. The job of checking and verifying Bitcoin as a digital asset has already been done, and according to Tyler, there is nothing to come back to. 

But there are other parties at play here, such as the Billionaire Ray Dalio had an interesting campaign to run on Twitter regarding Bitcoin, and the content was to do with the plans of the US government concerning Bitcoin in the immediate future.

Although all of the points made by Ray did indirectly point towards the planning being conducted by the US government to ban Bitcoin in the future, to put these pointing fingers to test some of his points did objectively made this whole scenario look realistic as if the US government might actually make Bitcoin a target in the future. According to Ray, if at some point Bitcoin comes out as a threat to the US government, then it will not flinch at all, rooting it away from its path.

Dailo’s Warning Getting the Serious Attention from the Bitcoin Community

Most of the time, Bitcoin proponents are not very keen on people posting ideas or theories about how the cryptocurrency will be wiped out of existence, but this time around, Dailo’s warnings are being taken quite seriously, and Tyler has been subjected to the far end of the whip this time around even after supporting Bitcoin’s survival wholeheartedly. The CryptoWhale, which is a popular Bitcoin miner, trader, and analyst, has urged Tyler to apply a little more logic to his statement about why the US government will not ban Bitcoin if necessary. 

At present, nothing can be said, but if the US is willing to go through with it, then it will put the country among the same candidates such as Nigeria and India, who are also planning to ban all types of cryptocurrencies as well and it will definitely affect both the investors and traders in this whole fiasco.    

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