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major venezuelan international airport is planning to accept bitcoin payment
The biggest international airport in Venezuela has disclosed plans to start accepting payments in cryptoMaiquetía airport will support Bitcoin Dash and
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The biggest international airport in Venezuela has disclosed plans to start accepting payments in crypto.
Maiquetía airport will support Bitcoin, Dash, and the country’s oil-backed Petro token.
The director of the airport said the new payment system would boost their international standard and crypto adoption. 

Maiquetía International Airport, the major international airport in Venezuela, is planning to start support payments in digital currencies, a local news outlet Ei Siglo reported. 

According to the director,  Freddy Borges, the airport is developing a new payment system that will enable customers to pay for tickets and other services using Bitcoin, Dash, and Petro, the country’s native cryptocurrency which is backed by oil reserves. 

Borges added that the new payment system would be regulated by the SUNACRIP, the National Superintendence of Cryptoassets and Related Activities. By accepting crypto payments, the Maiquetía airport commits to advancing its international standards while also encouraging the adoption and use of digital currencies in the country. 

The director also mentioned the progressive entry of Russian and European tourists into the country through the airport. As more foreigners enter the country, “we must advance in these new economic and technological systems that can be accessed”

Crypto adoption grows in Venezuela

Digital currencies have become the most used and reliable means of remittance for most Venezuelans since the US sanction was pronounced. Cryptopolitan lately reported that the rate of crypto adoption has also risen significantly as more natives continue to embrace cryptocurrency to curb the effect of hyperinflation in the country. 

In the wake of interest in crypto amongst Venezuelans, the central bank disclosed plans to release the nation’s digital currency by October to complement the existing fiat currency. The CBDC was designed to support an SMS-based exchange, which will make the process of transactions and payments swift and convenient for the residents.

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