Updated: 12/22/2021 06:22
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Dear Investors and Members! ...
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Dear Investors and Members!

11 days ago we had a force majeure. Due to the fire in the datacenter, we completely lost access to the site, as well as to the hot wallets to which user deposits are accepted and from which payments are made. Since the site is fully configured to work in automatic mode, it has been working all this time without any control on our part.

Now we have a lot of pending conclusions due to various failures, however, most payments were made in instant mode and as you can see, the overwhelming number of monitoring sets the status "paying". We also have a lot of support requests that we could not answer all this time.

We also ask you to pay attention to the fact that there are many failures in the ePayCore payment system that you may have observed in other programs. Payments are made instantly, but some deposits have not been credited. All deposits will be checked and added taking into account the accrued interest for these days and the bonus.

As for our trading on the stock exchanges, it did not stop for a minute. You don't have to worry, because access to exchange accounts, as well as cold wallets where more than 90% of the company's funds are stored, has not been lost. These funds are protected much more reliably because we cannot afford to lose them. We earn profits in the usual way, so you can be sure that we have the funds to pay dividends for our investors.

Summing up, we want to add that all problems will be solved. We are only asking for some time, it may take a few days. Despite the problems that have arisen and the lack of feedback from us, our company continues to grow and more and more investors are joining us. Therefore, we really have quite a large number of support requests that need to be answered, as well as many other problems that need to be solved.

Now that all accesses have been restored, we continue to work in the same mode. We really have far-reaching plans and look forward to the new year 2022 with confidence.
Sincerely, the team of MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD.

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