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Bitcoin conversion new payza service


Tuesday, 22 August, 2017 at 14:20 GMT
With the help of the new service launched by Payza payment processors, customers no longer need to convert Bitcoin into dollars, and then manually load their card, because converting crypto-currency into regular money will be completed automatically.This function works with the...
Hyip promotion principles and features


Monday, 7 August, 2017 at 11:55 GMT
Today we should talk about such a multifaceted and compulsory process as HYIP promotion: it is a set of tools that allow you to promote your investment project and make it bring more money. Both to investors and hyip developers. Of course, the latters, creators of the HYIP...
Preview on ectotrust review


Thursday, 20 July, 2017 at 18:57 GMT
Read the professional review of EctoTrust to learn the main aspects and features of the hyip with the special attention paid to the technical aspect of the website, the content, the investment plans and other specific features.EctoTrust has been added to HyipNews listing 17 days...
Fexfund 70 days online


Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 at 10:45 GMT
The FexFund has successfully completed 70 days online. The project entered the market in an aggressive way and still looks solid, paying on time and still growing. Particularly, speaking about the growth and in order to mark the completion of 70 days online another investment...
Fexfund regular newsletter


Tuesday, 27 June, 2017 at 11:27 GMT
FexFund issued another weekly newsletter letting the clients know about opening the new office in Brazil. As George Soleos, the CEO of FexFund, reports - it's about to be launched. He also praised the job done by the Top Agent - Diego Aragao da Mata. The address of the Agency is...
Latest hyip news digest june 14 2017


Wednesday, 14 June, 2017 at 14:59 GMT
Today's news digest starts with the trading report from ControlFinance issued lately that covers the trade period from June 5, 2017, to June 11, 2017. The link to report can be seen on the special page on the official website.FatFunds listed at HyipNews for 72 days celebrates the...
Fexfund completes first month


Wednesday, 31 May, 2017 at 06:47 GMT
The FexFund program has successfully completed its first month of working online. Within this month the program, has been growing and developing smoothly with no signs of a fast scam or any other troubles. The team of the project seems to take care of its customers and hence to...
Richmond berks warning news


Wednesday, 3 May, 2017 at 08:53 GMT
There is a disturbing piece of news from Richmond Berks project, working long enough and listed at HyipNews for 90 days. The thing is that as far as on May 2 the admin published the latest news saying Richmond Berks company is at the last stage of preparation for entering IPO,...
Latest hyip news digest april 12 2017


Wednesday, 12 April, 2017 at 07:56 GMT
Biksbit continues growing and developing and as a thank to partners and specialists, up to 20% deposit bonus is assigned. ANother piece of good news has been adding French language, which means even more members will now be able to join the project.FatFunds added to HyipNews 9...
Latest hyip news digest march 23 2017


Thursday, 23 March, 2017 at 15:05 GMT
See the latest news from the hyips online below. 50EX hyip expands the loyalty program, adding the highest status of "Magister". In order to obtain this status, you must score 30,000 points and get certain benefits. Also you may find the representative from your country in the...

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