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Strategy examples
Last Updated 5 years ago

Here are some hints and strategy examples on how to read through the quotation marks:

Aggressive strategy: a website quotation mark is growing rapidly within a week. It means the number of positive votes for a HYIP program is growing on and on on more and more public informational resources. All this means admin of the project puts enough funds into advertising and monitoring, letting the membership base grow exponentially. This is the best time to make deposit for risky investors when the HYIP is on its peak before the downward trend starts to show.

Conservative strategy: let us assume a website quotation mark being stable for a long time and its fluctuations are not significant, not exceeding ~30 points. All this means the project is stable and has no problems with payouts on deposits made by its members. It's the best time to make deposit for careful investors before the collapse starts to show around.

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