Friday, 5 February, 2016 at 15:29 GMT

Dear readers, please take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #469, which is presented at your attention by the HYIPNews editorial team. The updated survey starts with observing the Top Choice programs. The Top Choice section is divided into two subsections: Best Choice and Top Performers.

The Top Choice section shows more or less stable performance of the programs on top of the list. The Best Choice section actually shows no changes at all, while the Top Performers is a bit different from the one on Tuesday. The details are there below.

Speaking of the Hyip Quotes section, which follows the Top Choice, all five programs included in the TOP 5 section of the Hyip Quotes section in the Hyip Information Survey #469 today are observing the similar trend.

The start of February was more or less positive for the majority of HYIPs and on February 4 the decline commenced. As the result of decline, which turned out to be more or less significant for this or that program, some programs lost positions, some lost ones, some disappeared from the TOP 5, some were added.

Nearly the same number of programs were launched within last three days compared to the number of those during the period from last Friday to this Tuesday. As for the new programs added to HYIPNews, there are two new hyip opportunities added to HYIPNews Premium list.

The number of Problem programs today is rather small, same as the number of closed ones. At the same time the sad news is that four of those listed at HYIPNews are now blacklisted.

There is a number of latest updates from the Hyips online in the Hyip Events section. The Emoney section provides the latest update on the Payza maintenance and the issue with Bank wire withdrawals. Follow the link to see more information on the hyip industry performance in the Hyip Information Survey #469....

Top picks HYIP project


Thursday, 4 February, 2016 at 15:28 GMT

The popular Bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain.info announced the start of the massive updates of the product versions. As the company declares the updated wallets are going to be more secured and easier to use.

The new HD-wallets for Android and IOS devices are already available for downloading from Google Play and App Store, while the update web version is currently an option. Customers with registered wallets can still choose the old version or by choice download the new version and complete the upgrade further on.

Despite the no need for the urgent upgrade, Blockchain.info authorities state the point still, the new version of the web client in the future is going to be the only option for all. Terms for this to take place are yet not known.

The company representatives acknowledge the customers should now worry about the funds stores on the wallets - they will be automatically moved to the newer versions.

The process of moving to the new version looks the following way:

Learn the process of upgrading the Blockchain wallet 1
Learn the process of upgrading the Blockchain wallet 2
Learn the process of upgrading the Blockchain wallet 3

The new features of the updated wallet include:

- user funds management
- informational panel with the account overview
- useful tips for the new customers
- registration log of the new customers' activities
- improved transaction interface

For experienced customers the hierarchial determined structure (HD) is offered inside the wallets. This notion describes the mode of operation of certain types of wallets. Working with HD-wallets the simplified recovery process is possible, and making every new payment the new address is generated. This function is especially popular among the customers, focusing on transaction privacy.

Blockchain.info is justly considered to be the oldtimer on the market of Bitcoin wallets. Launched in 2011 the service now counts about 6 mln. wallets. In 2012 the first applications for Android and IOS were launched, and although in February 2014 Blockchain.info was blocked on App Store and Itunes, some time later under the community pressure access to mobile applications was renewed.

The new functions will surely help Blockchain.info to join the ranks of contender to the title of one of the best online wallets and push on to the next level of customer service....


Thursday, 4 February, 2016 at 14:28 GMT

We are happy to present our dear readers with another newsletter, the fourth one from Airspace-Inv, a member of Top Performers at HYIPNews. The project keeps on growing on the market day by day. By the time the newsletter was released there were over 3370 active investors registered in the project. The Facebook Group page of the project counts over 5539 members. Some days ago Airspace-Inv was approved by Payza support after completing the verification of the Company's Business Documents, which means investing through Payza payment processor has come more secured from now on.

The staff of the project is through with preparing the Representative Agent page on the website. In order to become one of Country Representatives in any of your respected countries there are procedures and measures which should be taken to join. They are as follows: 1. All Interested Investors are requested to pay a one time registration fee of $30 (this fee is to get the most serous Investors out of the crowd) 2. After sending the Fee for the Registration, you are also requested to send your Your full Name, passport photo, E-mall address, Phone Number, Residential address, Country to be Represented and Date of Birth.

Becoming the official representative of the project offers certain benefits to the applicants. First of all, every agent gets an instant 10% Referral commission for every Referral Active Investor in the project. Regular investors get 3% referral commission for comparison. Another advantage gives agents $150 Award bonus along side with the increased referral commissions for every deposit made by VIP investors you refer. This bonus can be referred anytime. Also once you become the regional representative you are subject to receive a Monthly bonus of $50 from Airspace-Inv.

All Interested Investors should please send their Registration fee payment via the Perfect Money, Payeer, or Bitcoin Address (Perfect Money Account: U10345808, Payeer Account: P27617079 or via our Bitcoin address: 14kLcNGiDB8epk4KXiNXHV7gia1tLCzajR ) After payment is done, send a screen shot of your payment to the corporate office e-mail: Office@airspace-inv.com with the Subject Line PAYMENT FOR AGENT REPRESENTATIVE REGISTRATION FEE. Or you can deal directly with our Online live Customer Support....


Wednesday, 3 February, 2016 at 13:23 GMT

The new month started and the first news digest in February is being published. There have not been many updates from the HYIPs online, still some programs informed their members of the recent updates, changes etc. For a start let us share the news from the well-known hyip called Amazing5. The admin of the program has never been too informative, sending the newsletter to the customers. He only shared the main news, nothing else. Same thing happened this time. The admin shared the news saying to better adapt to the requirements of Asian customers, the Amazing5 website has been translated into Chinese language. In the nearest future the Portuguese localization will be applied as well.

Forexberkshire offers a unique multi-level affiliate program that allows investors to receive up to 22% referral commission on every individual investment that a referred client makes. Everyone could be Regional Representative of Forexberkshire Corporation. What are the responsibilities of the Regional Representative? You will need consult clients on the services of the company; Attract new customers to the company; Promote Forexberkshire Corporation in your region. * Regional Representative could be only an active investor. You just need to make at least $100 deposit or more. Then you will need to contact the support in order to get an increased affiliate status for your account. "Representative" status allows investors to receive increased referral bonuses every time your referrals make a new deposit.

The admin of PrimeForex listed at HYIPNews reports there was a perfect trade yesterday. The trading robot was claimed to close the day trade with 11.37% profits. Besides after adding Neteller, Litecoin and Nixmoney, another alternative payment processor ADVcash has been added into operation. Moreover, the admin claims more payment options will be coming further on due to requests of the customers. As the admin promised the Comodo EV Seal has been approved and installed to the web server. The Extended Validation SSL certificate shows GreenBar in the browser for more security. More support e-mails have been added to the project's support page. You can see the details on the official website of the project. There is an issue with the Live Chat, which is undergoing complete overhaul. Within 24 hours the new system will be in place and customers so far can take advantage of the open customer ticket support.

The admin of BitcoinReinvest finally adds "PayPal" as the new payment processor due to multiple requests from the customers. Besides he posts apologies for not being able to process withdrawals on the first day of February for the reason the website was hacked by the hackers, who even managed to clone the site template. Fortunately the technical team managed to resolve the issue and now all automatic deposits and withdrawals have been resumed....


Tuesday, 2 February, 2016 at 16:32 GMT

Last time we presented you with the updated look of the Top Choice section, hope you like it. Today in the Hyip Information Survey #468 i should mention there are not many changes neither in the Best Choice, which is actually the same as the one on Friday, as seven programs are presented in the Best Choice section placed on the same positions, not in the Top Performers subsection with the only change.

There are not many programs, which appeared online during last four days. Basically the number of those launched is nearly twice less than the number of new programs included to the Openings section on Friday. As for the programs added to HYIPNews within four days, there is actually only one new hyip, Allibio.

Delary has returned to Paying status on HYIPNews and naturally it was removed from Problems. That's some piece of good news. As for the new problem hyips, there are only three new ones. As for the Closures list, it is not that large as well.

There is a very limited number of new updates in the Events section. As for Emoney, today we have prepared the overview of the five key aspects of Bitcoin industry in the years 2015 and 2016.

Speaking of the Hyip Quotes section, it should be mentioned the only HYIP, which is observing rising trend is the one taking the fifth place: PokerAdv. As for other four, they are currently in decline. Follow the link to see more information about the Hyip industry development in the Hyip Information Survey #468....

Thursday, 4 February, 2016 at 14:28 GMT
We are happy to present our dear readers with another newsletter, the fourth one from Airspace-Inv, a member of Top Performers at HYIPNews. The...
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The Top Choice section shows more or less stable performance of the programs on top of the list. The Best Choice section actually shows no changes at...
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