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Mastercard makes its own cryptocurrency team


Monday, 19 August, 2019 at 18:49 GMT
In June, Mastercard announced that it would join the Libra Association on Facebook. However, now the payment processor is plunging into the world of cryptocurrency one step further, creating its own cryptocurrency unit. In a recently published recruiting list, Mastercard asks: ...
Top maklers hyip presentation


Monday, 19 August, 2019 at 18:20 GMT
The HyipNews team is pleased to present the readers with the new Hyip added to the hyip monitor Top Maklers, publishing the short presentation of the hyip to make the potential investors acquainted with the program and its terms, which may become suitable for funds depositing....
Latest hyip news digest august 12 2019


Monday, 12 August, 2019 at 08:55 GMT
Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. Ferdinand Capital has been providing premium investment service to customers. Recently enough the Russian-language localization has been added for the site, now the resource has become easier and much more...
Cryptocurrencies negative correction despite good news


Wednesday, 7 August, 2019 at 12:47 GMT
This morning, the price of bitcoin broke through the mark of $12,000, but could not keep this level and is now trading at around $ 11,736. Over the past seven days, the price of the main cryptocurrency has grown by 22%.Most analysts attribute the rise in bitcoin to global...
Litecoin halving success


Monday, 5 August, 2019 at 17:37 GMT
Today, on August 5, the reward for the Litecoin block mined by the miners was halved. Today, on August 5, the reward for the Litecoin block mined by the miners was halved.According to litecoinblockhalf, 75% of the total Litecoin supply has been mined so far. The current inflation...