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Updated 5/22/2015

Promo monitoring


For programs already monitored at HYIPNews, there is a chance to get more services by means of purchasing the Promo monitoring. The price for the Promo monitoring is $50 paid directly to HYIPNews in addition to the monitoring deposit, which should be active, which means to add your program into Promo monitoring, it should be previously listed at HYIPNews. Promo monitoring includes the following services:

• All banners in rotation for the program's lifetime* (until the program pays regularly)
• Ads in Survey (4 publications, for four weeks) ads and active link to your site with description in the informational survey (mailed to ~33.000+ double opt-in subscribers.
• Short program presentation (published in the newsline with the link to your website)

*Exception for Static Leaderboard 720x90

Monitoring deposit


Add the deposit as minimum as $50 (or more if the minimum deposit to your program is higher) to get listed at HYIPNews monitor. The amount paid is totally deposited back to program as monitoring deposit. Once added to hyip monitor, your get your rating sign with the option to place it on your website, showing your actual paying status and join the HYIPNews rating.

NOTE: The more deposit you make, the higher starting position your program gets listed is.

Deposit $100 - see your program Premium listed, assigned with extra rating points and certain advertising services, placed above other hyips with smaller deposits and added later:

• Banner Top page banner 720x90 in rotation for program's lifetime (until the program pays regularly)
• Banner Middle page banner 468x60 in rotation for program's lifetime (until the program pays regularly)
• Banner Listing Button 125x125 for two weeks
• Ads in Survey (2 publications, for two weeks)

Please note: Please note: if you add your program early on Thursday, the link to your program will be included in the hyip information survey issued the same day. If any project adds bonus to the account of our program on its website as it's been previously agreed, the target site will be added to HyipNews listing once the first withdrawal or any other payment is paid to our e-currency account.

NB: The special monitoring terms are applied for the so-called "Sleeper" hyips with initially minimal rate and limitations set on maximum deposit. Such programs are required to enter the monitoring deposit for every investment cycle, otherwise they will be removed from the listing without prior notification. We are not going to list the sites like that for free.