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Updated: 10/23/2013 11:28
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This time we are publishing the regular HYIP informational survey #272 on Wednesday for some technical reasons. we apologize for any possible inconveniences caused by this slight delay. Anyway, we are still making the survey up-to-date with the information on Openings, this time there's only one program added to HYIPNews. The Problem section is, on the contrary, much more numerous than we might have observed last Friday.

The Top Choice section remains without any changes. Still there are two Sticky listed programs, included in the HYIPNews Choice hence. There are some events from the HYIPs online in the Events section. Today we are lack with some news from e-currencies, and hence this section is absent.

The HYIP Blogs section presents every reader with some weekly HYIP report from an interesting HYIP Blog: RecordsHYIP. You will see the link to the report there below in the survey. there are also some changes in the HYIP Today section. Although being rather stable, some changes took effect. This and much more you will learn after reading the HYIP Informational Survey #272 by HYIPNews.com

Top Choice The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. And once again today we are posting all 10 programs in one HYIPNews Choice section. Two programs are sticky listed, Genius Capital Limited and Billionaires Group, which has been on top without even being paid promoted, which is why basically we are not splitting the section into two parts:

HyipNews Choice The first 9 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring and two more and Genius Capital Limited HYIP. See the list below:

1. Pure Income Listed: 266 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. Empire Finance Group Listed: 242 daysProfit: 1.3-1.7% daily!Term: up to 100 business days!
3. RFI Group Listed: 246 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 156 business days!
4. Mutual Wealth Listed: 278 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
5. Catena Finance Listed: 120 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
6. Billionaires Group Listed: 83 daysProfit: 2-4% daily! 150% after 30 days!Term: up to 120 business days!
7. Invest-Age Listed: 100 daysProfit: 1.8-4.5% daily!Term: up to 15-54 calendar days!
8. Gulf Investment Club Listed: 79 daysProfit: 3% daily!Term: up to 30 calendar days!
9. Prudent Earnings Listed: 101 daysProfit: 115-180% after 1-5 days!Term: up to 5 calendar days!
10. Genius Capital Limited Listed: 35 daysProfit: 2-3% daily!Term: up to 15-60 business days!

This Wednesday we are facing some change at the bottom of the Top Choice section. As you can see, the Top places remain without any changes. The 1st place is still taken by Pure Income. Even despite the recent DDoS attack, of which we are going to tell you below, the project managed to get back online and resume all payments. We haven't lowered the status, indeed it looks like the admin ofPure Income does cares about the image of the company.

There is one newcomer to the Top Choice section.Prudent Earnings is for the first time include in the Top Choice section. Currently it is taking the 9th place. It is a typical short-term HYIP with the investment period of up to 5 days. Taking into account it's been online for 100 days, there have been lots of investment cycles completed and so far so good. As for the paid promoted programs there are two of them:Billionaires Group and Genius Capital Limited.

Openings Let me present you with the new HYIPs added and launched within the weekend. The list is split into two parts, as usually. Unfortunately today there's only one program added to HYIPNews lately. Best Eight is the only one in the first part. The second part in its turn gives the list of programs, launched within the previous 4 days.

Best Eight 8% daily up to 28 business days!

Activeearn Albionunion Alvidtrade Bankerunion Bitfundcorp Blackgoldtrade Blueskyasset Clubinvest Easytradeinv Financial-pride-foundation Finexum Forex7 Maximumpro Newperfectlife Octalearn Ronprofits Silver-profit Twitinv Winnerinv Earnexpert Hd5

There's only one program added Best Eight. Seems the industry has not been that active lately. Anyway, we have an alternative shortlist of other programs launched online. You can always check any of them and if you have any question concerning the prformance or the potential of the company you may contact the support of the program or HYIPNews. Perhaps we can assist you somehow.

Problems The problem list today is large. First of all, let me notice that apart from one program, all the rest marked as Problem last Friday have been eventually moved to Closures section, unfortunately. The HYIPNews listing has included several Problem programs, among which there are some unexpected appearances. The Closures section today has also been added up with some new HYIP opportunities, which are now closed. All in all there are lots of Problem programs today and that's some bad news actually.

Mighty Assets - not paying
TopAgro - not paying
Dollars Pocket - not paying
Last Finance - not paying
Capital Turbo Ltd - not paying
Piggy Finance Ltd - not paying
Anlagen Alliance - not paying
Walssara Aftermarket - not paying
CMC Marketiva - not paying
Silver Profit Investment - not paying
Hourly Trading - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Perfect Money Paying Inc (21 days), Invest 4 Real Ideas (21 days), Share Subet (16 days), Omicco (13 days), Perfect Finance (16 days), EndoINV (23 days).

EventsThe Rasfund HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for only 63 days. Within this time it managed to get included to the Top Choice and despite is currently a bit lower than Top 10, still its position is very potential. Perhaps such a good performance has been possible due to actual lifetime of the project online. The previous newsletter delivered to the members of Rasfund claims it is about 400 days old, which means the project has been launched more than a year ago.

Within the lifetime ofRasfund , as it's been claimed in the newsletter, 71830 users have registered accounts with them and 48063 of them are active investor. The total assets amount invested to Rasfund is 735249$ and 396421$ has been paid as profit. Stunning result, indeed!

Although the Alexa rank of Rasfund is 63646, this number is increasing day by day as the popularity of the project raises and the number of visits is also increasing rapidly, the Alexa rating is obviously going up within a month or so if things won't go bad withRasfund in the nearest time. Currently the project is having PAYING status on all rating and monitoring sites.

As a follow up to previously published news concerning the technical troubles of Pure Income that caused the website downtime, we would like to announce that problems have been eliminated and the website ofPure Income has got pack online and paying. We haven't changed the status of the project and hence congratulate the admin and all the staff ofPure Income on successful mitigation of DDoS attack and getting the website up.

The DDoS attack has been long and sophisticated. Fortunately the technical team ofPure Income has managed to overcome it and after moving to CloudFlare protection, the website went up. Mark Cobe, the Marketing Director ofPure Income has said the following: "Our website was down due to a strong DDoS attack. The main issue was that it did not crash our DDoS protection but the head server that receives the entire web traffic. How the hacker found its IP? From the automatic message sender at PureIncome. As you may have noticed we terminated that option and got a new email address at Gmail.com."

Indeed that was the fault of thePure Income team for sure, still noone is secured from making mistakes especially when dealing with HYIPs. The industry is full of hackers and swindlers trying to use any means possible to somehow affect the situation online, especially when we are talking about currently one of the most popular HYIPs online.

Another reason for the things to get solved so slowly was lack of response from the hosting provider in Panama, whose name is hidden. It took up to 5 hours to get a single reply for every query set, which is why, the provider was changed and things have gone faster. AlthoughPure Income claims not to be a HYIP, it is hard to believe anyway.

Still the thing that adds more trust and gives more points to the image of Pure Income is that all pending withdrawals by now have been paid without serious delays. Good for them and for the members of Pure Income. No matter, what good to see them back!

Invest-Age is 100 days old now. No special campaign is offered to celebrate the achievement. Instead there's a newsletter mainly promising the project will be here for long and things like that. Moreover, there's a welcome for the members to post testimonials about the project's performance on Facebook and monitoring sites. Hard to say if it's going to be effective. Most likely investors won't prefer posting anything for nothing.

Unico-FX has celebrated 30 days online. As reported, many investors have been in profit so far. The project seems to be getting good feedback in popular monitors. As a part of update i would like to let you know that Support service phone numbers have been updated. From now onUnico-FX has two separate phone numbers for the phone support, which is supposed to make the support service easier to reach.

The Stable Investments admin has decided to enlarge the choice of e-currencies accepted. From now on 3 more ways to make deposits and profit withdrawals are available: bankwire, VISA and Yandex Money. In case you have any questions, please consult the support of Stable Investments.

RFI Group right after thePure Income has been suffering the massive DDoS attack. Fortunately, the website has recovered from the attack soon enough. As it's been reported the intruder could avoid the protection due to vulnerability of the website. Fortunately the vulnerability has now been fixed. As a preventive measure for one week deposits to Index Plans are stopped.

Billionaires Group has emphasized on security measures needed to be taken when dealing with depositing funds via Perfect Money particularly. All Perfect Money account holders are prompted to confirm their PM account information and e-mail address indicated in the member area are valid. In case any information is wrong, you are recommended to contact the support ofBillionaires Group immediately before submitting a profit withdrawal request.

Here are some quoted tips fromBillionaires Group on securing your member's account:

- Keep the firewall and AVP in your computer updated at all times.
- Should you need to open an attachment in an e-mail, always make sure you know the sender or that the e-mail is coming from a trusted source.
- We never send e-mail asking our members to provide and/or verify their account
details. Should you receive such an e-mail, do not respond to it and report it to us immediately.
- Do not visit untrustworthy websites.
- Always use a unique, preferably non-sense, combination of symbols as a password. Do not use the same password with two or more accounts."

At the same time, some time ago, the admin ofBillionaires Group has notified that the website is currently on technical maintenance, due to the Hosting provider is embarking on a technical clean up in their routers. The admin apologizes for the inconveniences caused. Still the forced maintenance is going to be used by theBillionaires Group to update the website face on the 100th days online. All withdrawal requests can be sent manually to the following e-mail admin@billionairesgroup.org.

Orion Financial Asia has opened the new VIP investment plans, extended the domain till 2017 and is planning to add some trading reports soon. The changes that may look too suspicious. We all know perfectly week, the change of the investment plans can be the evidence of the last attempt from the HYIP owners to get some cash before closing the project.

There are two VIP investment plans offered. Each of them lasts for 60 days and ion the first one you can take all profit upon the plan expiry, while the second one offers daily withdrawal opportunity. The first 50 VIP customers are getting the 10% bonus added to their deposits.

HYIPQuotes Today we have a newcomer to the HYIP Quotessection. The Sky Wealth HYIP, has today been replaced by another newcomer to the section Ad Click Xpress, which is today taking the 5th place. As for the rest members of Top 5, they have shown more or less stable performance within the last days, which obviously has been reflected in the quotation index change. See more details below:

Gulf Investment Club. Since the recent decline, the project is still taking the 1st place. On Thursday the quotation index has raised 13 points more. It remained on the mark of 160 points for two days and then fluctuated a bit between 158 and 157 points. The performance is though rather stable, which can be seen in the graph.

Genius Capital Limited. Today it is back in action and to the Top 5 of the HYIP Today section. Despite visible stability of the quotation index, the slight decline is still observed. Starting from the maximum 160 points on Thursday the graph has slowly moved down and stopped on 155 points on Monday. It is taking the 2nd place now.

Empire Finance Group. This HYIP project has shown example of stability within last days. By last Thursday, going upwards stopped on 136 points and the quotation index remained without any changes since then till Sunday. By Monday it was decreased a bit and currently stopped on 133 points.

Catena Finance. The rising trend of this HYIP has continued till Thursday and then after reaching 120 points, the quotation index has begun going down slowly. To be exact it remained stable till Saturday, and then decreased a bit. The current quotation index is 117 points.

Ad Click Xpress. The most interesting situation is observed with this newcomer to the HYIP Today section. As one can see from the graph, the quotation index was either going down or suddenly going up afterwards. So within just two days since Thursday to Saturday the index fell down from 112 points to 92 and then went upward from 92 back to 112 by Monday. The current index is 112 and it means this HYIP is taking the 5th place.

You can see there are some changes in the HYIP Today section. There is one newcomer, Ad Click Xpress. And basically this HYIP is the only one, which has shown sudden changes of the quotation index lately. As for the rest of programs, their performance has been more or less stable. In most cases though we could observe slight decline, still it was not significant, which doesn't prevent us from saying overall performance of the Top 5 programs of the HYIP Today section has been stable enough.

HYIP Blogs The RecordsHYIP Blog has issued the weekly HYIP report of his own. The report includes latest information on recent scams, as well as information about RecordsHYIP investment portfolio, some new HYIP presentation. The main part of the report is some general information on the things going on with the HYIP industry within the latest week from the point of view of RecordsHYIP and some possible forecast of how it would work further on. For more details on the weekly report from RecordsHYIP Blog follow the link below: http://recordshyip.com/blog/weekly-hyip-report-oct-14-2013-till-oct-20-2013/

HYIPNews Events We are back reminding you about the ongoing Effective Ads Campaign with HYIPNews.com.

The Effective Ads Campaign is valid till the end of Autumn, November 30. During the Autumn period you have the chance to save up to 70% on banner advertising in case of purchasing more than 1 banner slot. So, after ordering 2 banner slots of the same size, you get 30% discount for the 3rd slot and after ordering 4 slots of the same size you get 40% discount for the 5th slot. Hence your overall discount makes 70%!

Another good news is coming from the developers of HYIPNews team. The new design of the website is coming. Very soon you will enjoy the new view of our portal. You will be notified about that later on. In case you have any questions, you can always contact us opening the support ticket on the website of HYIPNews.com

We are open for business ideas or cooperation, if you have real news, updates, notices please send it to news@hyipnews.com and we will include it into our newsletters! We also invite you to visit our store, where we offer various advertising at reasonable prices!

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