HYIP Informational Survey (November 277)

Updated: 11/12/2013 22:52
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The regular HYIP Informational Survey #277 is presented at your attention below. The first and most notable event that took place at weekend is the closure of Empire Finance Group. This HYIP, which used to be rather popular has been moved to Closures after working online for 262 days! We are sorry for the investors losses. The Top Choice still remains the same in its first part, while three programs are sticky listed today. The Problems section is not that numerous, while the Closures list has bee enlarged by several new scams. See the details below. The U.S. celebrated the Veterans' Day, which has been reflected in the news both from the HYIPs and e-currencies.

Top Choice Today the Top Choice section is divided into two parts. The first part HYIPNews Choice presents TOP 5 programs at your attention. And the second part, Sticky Listing shows the programs, which have purchased the Sticky Listing on HYIPNews Choice. These programs are located on top of the list with no ranking.

HyipNews Choice As mentioned earlier, the first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. You can see them right here below:

1. Pure Income Listed: 286 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. RFI Group Listed: 266 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 156 business days!
3. Mutual Wealth Listed: 298 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
4. Catena Finance Listed: 140 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
5. Solomon Hit Listed: 108 daysProfit: 1.2-2.2% daily!Term: up to 90 calendar days!

Sticky Listing Today we are presenting three programs in the Sticky listing as well as two more top choice programs, located on 6th and 7th places of the listing respectively. Besides, there are three programs sticky listed. These are: Genius Capital Limited,Income Always and Aurora. While the two first are listed for a while, Aurora is the new HYIP, which has been launched 1 day ago.

Invest-Age Listed: 120 daysProfit: 1.8-4.5% daily!Term: up to 15-54 calendar days!
Billionaires Group Listed: 103 daysProfit: 2-4% daily 150% after 30 days!Term: up to 120 business days!
Income Always Listed: 93 daysProfit: 110-165% after 3-18 days!Term: up to 18 calendar days!
Genius Capital Limited Listed: 55 daysProfit: 2-3% daily!Term: up to 15-60 business days!
Aurora Listed: 1 dayProfit: 125-730% after 1-14 days!Term: up to 30 calendar days!

Today we may observe two parts of the Top Choice section. While the HYIPNews Choice has not changed at all. The same TOP 5 programs as we faced last Friday. As for the Sticky Listing, there are certain changes, basically due to the fact today we have three programs sticky listed.Genius Capital Limited has already been sticky listed for a while. As for the new ones, they are Aurora, newly listed and Income Always, which is listed for a while at HYIPNews.com.

Openings Please have a look at the list of new programs that appeared online within last four days. Some of the newly launched HYIPs have been added to HYIPNews listing and we are please to deliver their short description at your attention. The programs newly added to HYIPNews listing are right here below:

Interni Holding 117-350% after 1-9 days!
Ball Invest 40% daily for 3 days 128-700% after 3-30 days!
Priex 2.3-3% daily up to 50 calendar days!
Ron Profits 8-9% daily up to 15 calendar days!
Secure Forex 75% daily for 2 days 125-700% after 1-20 days!
Albion Union 0.6-2.4% daily up to 120 business days!
Latitude Pay 75% daily for 2 days 130-950% after 1-20 days!
Prime Earners 0.4-1% daily up to 350 calendar days!
Just1day 0.5-5% daily up to 200 business days!

Bisanltd Compass-business Credit-invest Dailyshare Dkgroupltd Evstrade Fast-roi Fyincome Greatpowertechnologies Honest-traders Invest-forest Kingsdollars Mcbrilliant Millcapital Permatafutures Smile-inv Usforexinvest Vegafund Velandex Australiainv Safe-traders Uniquereturns

Nine(!) programs have been introduced to our readers in the first part of the section, meaning nine of them have been added to HYIPNews listing lately. That is a great result indeed. As for other programs as usually you may observe a short list of links to those newly launched. Congratulations to all those added! May your performance be successful and our cooperation long and profitable!

Problems The most unpleasant section of the regular HYIP Informational Survey starts here below. Here in the Problems section we show most programs that experience any kind of problems with payouts and those recently closed eventually. Today the list of Problem programs is not that large.

Moreover, among all Problems last time only two HYIPs have been moved to Closures. Some recovered and some remain problem until now. Still there is one big disappointment: Empire Finance Group, which used to be on Top for quite a long time suddenly stopped paying and we were forced to move this scam HYIP to Closures section. Sorry for all those who are at a loss with this project!

Forex Finance Ltd - not paying
Ellison Fund - not paying
Profistar - not paying
Great Forex Finance - not paying
Front Trader - not paying
After 1 Day - not paying
Invoil - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Finest Profit (81 days), Grace Inv (8 days), Front Trader (12 days), Vivid Profit (20 days), BRIC Invest Group (28 days), Unico-FX (37 days), Free Trades Inc (43 days), Empire Finance Group (262 days), Global Finance (33 days), Magnetic Capital (45 days).

Events Today we can see three programs promoted from Problem to Paying. These are: Online-Investments, PerfectPercent and 3PAMM. Congratulations to the admins and inve4stors of these HYIPs!

Solomon Hit has submitted a request for the members to add the numbers of e-wallets and e-mail addresses till November 15. After this date you won't be able change these two fields. The purpose for adding this new feature is to secure the clients from accounts hack. Strong and unique passwords are highly recommended as well. Payment information change will be completed manually within 2 business days (upon individual request).

The admin of Delta Traders has reported of incorrect funds calculation on November 8 due to the update of the accounting core. The missing profit will be compensated in the nearest time.

As many clients could have already noticed the member area of Catena Finance website has been added up with the new page "Currency Exchange". Using this new service, it is possible to exchange your account balance from one e-currency to another before submitting a withdrawal request. The new feature has been added after numerous requests from the customers willing to make the withdrawal requests using other e-currency than active one.

One thing is worth taking into consideration - not any currency exchange direction will be possible the payments will vary depending on the opportunities given by Catena Finance . Currently the management of the project is working hard to make exchange open in any direction and processed as soon as possible.

Veterans Day has been celebrated in the U.S. On that occasion, Pure Income stock exchange has been operating in a day off regime according to the TOS of the project.

The same is about RFI Group. As it's been reported, due to the Veterans Day, no interest have been credited to clients accounts on November 11.

FinMutual has successfully integrated PexPay to the list of accepted payment processors. By adding PexPay the possibility to fund e-currency account via Direct Bank Wire, ACH (for U.S. customers) or Check is provided to the customers.

Pipsin Investments has suffered a minor DDoS attack in the beginning of the previous week. Even though it was quickly mitigated by our protection service, the decision to increase the protection level has been taken. As of now it's been claimedPipsin Investments has a banking system quality DDoS attack protection and there are very few chances for the website to go down again.

20k Profit has reported on reaching the 100 days online. Since the very launch as it's been claimed total membership has reached 30000 active members and the total deposit amount is close to $9 mln., nearly half of which has been withdrawn. I tend not to think of this news as something real, still it's a part of news and being the leading news portal, giving coverage to the HYIP industry we need to report on that.

Another weekly newsletter has been published by the admin of Invest-Age HYIP. We've already got used to regular weekly reports from this HYIP. Most often they are not very much informative and hence there's just a feeling the admin ofInvest-Age in such a way tries to get closer to the audience. No matter what the reasons are, it is a good way to run investment opportunity.

TheInvest-Age HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 119 days. The project has become a member of the HYIPNews Choice section, when has been ranked within the Top 10 listed programs. Let us congratulate the admin on completing the 15 weeks online!

There is nothing much to report this week, basically there's nothing more but the words of appraisal towards loyal investors ofInvest-Age and the request to send any suggestions or complaints or ideas concerning the work of theInvest-Age HYIP to the support of the project. Apart from that there's a continuous reminder to hit the Facebook button and vote for the project on monitoring sites. Looks like this is vital for the admin, for this reminder has been posted repeatedly.

HYIP Today The HYIP Today section this Tuesday is absolutely different from the one we had last Friday. Looks like the situation on the market has changed to some extent and hence we are pleased to provided the current TOP 5 of most quoted programs listed online at HYIPNews.com

Sky Wealth. Today this HYIP is taking 1st place with 124 points. As we can observe the trend is declining. By Sunday, the index has been decreased and keeps on falling. Despite that we may see that even despite the declining trend the program is taking the 1st place, for all other programs are having their index decreased as well.

Mutual Wealth. This HYIP has been promoted to the 2nd place. Its quotation index remains stable. It went up a bit from 123 points to 144 on Thursday. Until Sunday it remained high enough and then fell down to 123 points again. All in all this is enough for the project to take the 2nd place in the listing.

Gold Profits Explorer. This is the first time we include this HYIP to the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed online. The general performance of this HYIP is stable. The index fluctuation has not been too large. When on Wednesday it reached 130 points, there was a stable growth and on Saturday the trend seemed to become positive, however after jumping to 110 points, the index on Sunday went down again to 101 points. 3rd place for now, anyway!

Catena Finance . On Wednesday the quotation index of this HYIP was 90. Starting from Thursday we might observe significant growth to 120 points. Within three days it remained on that level fluctuating a bit until finally on Sunday it fell down significantly to 92 points.

Income Always. Another newcomer to the HYIP Today section. This HYIP has been growing stably and gradually. While short-term trend seems like being negative 91 points on Sunday compared to 104 points on Wednesday, monthly results look rather positive anyway.

This Tuesday situation on the HYIP Today section varies greatly compared to the one observed at the HYIP Informational Survey #276. Some programs have been removed from Top 5 for good. Some have been introduced for the first time, such asIncome Always and Gold Profits Explorer. The Top 1 most quoted program online is Sky Wealth. No matter what, the general trend of the market can be classified as declining.

E-money The bank of PexPay along with the Federal Reserve were closed on Monday, November 11 due to the Veterans Day celebrated in the U.S. Any transaction initiated on Monday are procesed not sooner than Tuesday, Noveber 12. The same restriction is applied for wires. See more news on the official PexPay website, following the link: https://www.pexpay.com/news.php

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