HYIP Informational Survey (December 285)

Updated: 12/10/2013 17:18
Hyip Monitor
We are pleased to deliver the HYIP Informational Survey #285 at your attention below. First of all, we are providing you with the Top Choice section. The most important here is that there are absolutely no changes in the Top Choice section today compared to the one published last Friday. All programs remained on their positions. As for the Openings section, there is only one new program added to HYIPNews listing recently. The list of Problem HYIPs today is much larger than we had last Friday.

Seems that HYIP industry has taken some kind of a break before Christmas. There are some Events from HYIPs online. Naturally you will see the updated HYIP Today section, with the new TOP 1 most quoted program online. The Emoney section delivers useful and interesting update from Payza. The update is especially vital for the U.S. members. See more details in every section of the HYIP Informational Survey #285 below:

Top ChoiceThe Top Choice is offering Top 7 programs listed at HYIPNews and 3 programs that have purchased the Sticky listing. First 5 programs as usually are given in the HYIPNews Choice section. Two more HYIPs and three Sticky listed programs are presented at the Sticky Listing.

HyipNews Choice Here below in the HYIPNews Choice section we are giving you the updated list of 5 Top programs. See the details below:

1. Pure Income Listed: 314 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. RFI Group Listed: 294 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 156 business days!
3. Mutual Wealth Listed: 326 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
4. Catena Finance Listed: 168 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
5. Telecom Finance Listed: 90 daysProfit: 0.3-0.8% daily!Term: up to 30-180 business days!

Sticky Listing And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 3 sticky listed programs and those taking places 6 and 7 in the HYIPNews rating:

InoCapital Listed: 83 daysProfit: 125-585% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 60 calendar days!
In-india Listed: 148 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
Income Always Listed: 121 daysProfit: 110-165% after 3-18 days!Term: up to 18 calendar days!
Tascadero Listed: 7 daysProfit: 3% daily!Term: up to 30 business days!
Multi Power Ventures Listed: 25 daysProfit: 150-850% after 2-16 days!

There are absolutely no changes in the Top Choice section today compared to the one published last Friday. All programs remained on their positions. Even those Sticky listed programs are the same.Income Always has re-enabled the Sticky Listing and hence got back to the Top Choice today after some days break. Let's proceed further on and see the updated Openings section of the HYIP Informational Survey #285.

Openings As for the Openings section, there is only one new program added to HYIPNews listing recently. That is Stable Capital Group. Along with the shortlist of other programs launched it makes the Openings section today.

Stable Capital Group 1.3-1.9% daily up to 120 business days!

1kilocash 4daysfund Allianceinterest Arvixfund Ascendfunds Atoxfund Brandshourly Christmascash12x12 Doxilefinance E-tradingsecurities Easywithdraw Fastgain Favouriteinvesting Finance-express Fonterafund Forexpaid Forextradehour Galafinance Globalinvestmentunion Goldhourly Granit-invest Green-dough Imhyip Instant-paid Merrypaid Mobiletoday Monwaars Mrpay Newinv Panafund Partnerfinance Partyprofit Passiveearning Pipmoney Poranfund Profitadclick Profitpaid-inc Siberianwealth Six-energy Stableinc Sushi-mania Thegoldpaid Tradingpay Tubefund Vegeloop Victoryfund Whitemoney Worldinvestorgroup T-evoluzione Xerap Yzyforex

Today the Openings section in the HYIP Informational Survey #285 is not numerous at all in its first section, where we traditionally provide you with the list of new HYIPs added to our rating. Unfortunately as December is on its run and as closer to Christmas holidays as less professional and potentially good programs are launched online.

As for the second part of the Openings section, which is giving the list of links to all programs without primary selection it is large enough. That is a clear evidence that before Christmas lots of people and HYIP admins try to launch some opportunities online with the only purpose - to take some easy money and fast. More likely the absolute majority of all HYIPs launched within the month of December will close down before the New Year comes.

ProblemsThe situation with Problem and Closed programs is controversial. On one hand the list of Problem HYIPs today is much larger than we had last Friday. On the other hand all three programs listed as Problem last time are now moved to Closures list. The Closures list is nearly twice less than we had last Friday. All this makes us believe the industry has taken some kind of a break before Christmas. Some programs are Awaiting for some movements, some simply can't stop paying now before the Christmas comes. All in all the situation on the market is getting far more and more interesting. I expect some serious movements closer to holidays timeline.

Ball Invest - not paying
Cold Hard Reserve - not paying
Royal Profit - not paying
Car Investment - not paying
Omicco - not paying
Funds Trade Club - not paying
Evstrade - not paying
Globex Trade - not paying
Invest Hour - not paying
Funds Trade Club - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

MaxLine Invest (26 days), Multi Traders (9 days), Rich Profit (11 days), Premier Investment (17 days), Amber Shares (32 days), Invest Hyip (13 days), Fix-Prime (18 days).

Events Catena Finance is currently taking the 4th place in HYIPNews listing. The project has been working well within 168 days and we may hope it will keep on performing during the Black December and further on. Still the latest update from the admin of this project has become a real surprise for all. We all know that adding new plans or changing the current ones is more likely an evidence of bad things happening with a program and so reporting of adding the new plans byCatena Finance admin, especially now during the Black December raises some warnings and many questions concerning the project's future.

The admin ofCatena Finance has decided to prepare some suspiciously intriguing promo - the short-term investment plan with high interests offered. The promo is reported to be valid till December 22 and starting from $1 deposit, every member is offered to make a deposit for only 15 days and then take the principal back along with 42% pure profit. Sounds too good to be true! The official newsletter claims it's a special gift for the upcoming holidays, still we all know how it looks like.

I am not trying to say that project is doing something bad. Till now there are no reasons to say anything bad aboutCatena Finance and we look forward for the project to enter the new year with flying colors, however i would like to admit that HYIPNews is always sceptic about any sorts of changes and short-term investment offers implemented all of a sudden. That is our critical position. On the other hand, i am not forcing you to stay away. Ultimately, the final decision is always yours and you should make your move and decide how to think of this news from Catena Finance, which is still a Top choice program for sure.

vehTrade has issued the newsletter #5 announcing the 1 month online. Congratulations! There is not much of info within, just a notification about hard work done by the staff of the project:
"VEHTRADE LTD (www.vehtrade.com) today celebrates 1 month in business. We are happy to report that so far all participants are happy and Payments processed fast. Earn up to 1.90% Daily for 180 Days Earn up to 11% Weekly for 33 Weeks EgoPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin, Payeer, OkPay & PexPay Support is always a top priority and finally generating profits for our participants. This is our 1st Month but expect to see a many more lifespan and other accomplishments coming soon. The VehTrade Administration Team. VehTrade.com"

VXprofit has reported about being online for 20 days. As reported the project has exceeded the milestone 2K and total deposit amount of $580000. Hard to believe that, anyway, however such results have been claimed by the admin of VXprofit:
"Thank you for your dedication and support of VXprofit LTD. VXprofit website has been online for 20 days now. This week we member breakthrough two thousand and deposit breakthrough $580000. VXprofit LTD is the perfect choice for you to make money. We are here to you to help you change your destiny. We offer a best affiliate program, 3% referral commissions. We currently operate with these four payment methods: Perfect Money, EgoPay and Payeer. Don't forget to join us on Facebook on our official page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/VXProfit/226985740804846 Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/393361740796837/ Thank you, VXprofit LTD https://vxprofit.com"

Mavlo Profit has made some changes in the tech and support team. The changes have been applied for one reason - to make the support better and faster. Apart from that the changes in the technical side of the project are aimed to establish the instant withdrawal and increase the website security:
"Hello Members, we would like to inform you that we have made certain changes in our technical ans support team. Their would now be fast response on support request, instant withdrawal and increased website security. We have also procured the services of 12 more monitors, so now we have a total of 48 monitors with the PAYING status. We also recorded massive inflow and outflow of funds in the subsequent week, with a total number of 12604 members and 9438 active investors. We are making our way to the top. Thank you for choosing mavloprofit. YOUR PATHWAY TO PROSPERITY. The Mavlo Profit Team WWW.MAVLOPROFIT.COM"

Financial Promoter is a young HYIP, which is listed at HYIPNews for 13 days. The project is positioning itself a a long-run HYIP with small interest rate offered to its members, which is just 1-2% daily with no restriction on the investment plan duration. The profit is paid for the lifetime of the project, which is hopefully going to be long enough for the majority of potential investors to earn good revenue from joining theFinancial Promoter HYIP.

The latest news fromFinancial Promoter let us know about some exclusive features that have been introduced by the admin of the project. The website created is not a template one. The script is licensed and constantly optimized. So, as for the features added, they are also unique and useful to some extent. First of all we should report about opening the exchange option for the members.

Financial Promoter accepts the following e-currencies: Paypal, PerfectMoney , EgoPay , SolidTrustPay , Paxum. Even without depositing to the investment plans it is possible to exchange money between these e-currencies. Apart from the currency exchange option another one has been added, which is internal transfers. The members ofFinancial Promoter are now able to complete the funds transfer from one account to another.
Another improvement has been upgrading the software with the purpose of securing deposits and fixing the deposit appearing problem.

Fortunately after the successful upgrade, the problem with storage and retrieval of PerfectMoney and Egopay has been solved. The deposits are shown properly. As for automatic withdrawals, this option option has also been re-enabled for Perfect Money and introduced for Egopay. All in all, right now the website ofFinancial Promoter is working with no bugs and in case anyone has any sort of troubles with the deposits or withdrawal, or simply has any questions concerning the account security, it is recommended to contact the support of the project immediately.

The management ofIncome Always is pleased to announce the 4 months online. Taking into account recent events it is a real achievement, i should admit. Not every HYIP could stand so many problems with hackers, blackmailers, DDoS etc. and keep on paying for such a long period. The stats provided by the admin look very much optimistic: 4047 accounts registered, $974,543.24 total assets, $246,371.89 withdrawn. Let's hope the project will survive through the Black December and all the holidays. If it happens so, Income Always has all the chances to become on the most promising HYIPs of the early stage of 2014.

The admin of newly launched Stable Capital Group has exposed a blackmailer hyip monitor, who has tried to force the admin to hire this admin for forum posting. He already changed the status of Stable Capital Group on his monitor "excellentmonitor". The admin of Stable Capital Group did a right choice to share this info in the newsletter. In such a way he explains the bad status on this monitor and at the same time warns every other member against using this scam hyip monitor.

DailyShare Pro has been added to HYIPNews listing 5 days ago. At the same time the admin of the HYIP has issued the newsletter announcing 1 month online celebration. On this occasion the admin of the project has decided to summarize some important milestones achieved within the first month online. There are lots of words concerning investors growth, deposits growth and icnreasing members revenues from trading the Bitcoin Funds. Unfortunately no specific information, nor exact digits are provided in the newsletter.

The project is reported to pay lots of attention to advertising online. The advertising plan of DailyShare Pro allows all members to refer more downlines as well as earn good profit from the Bitcoin Fund on daily basis. As of now, the current advertising plan has already helped active referrers to attract thousands of new advertisers from all over the globe. The Bitcoin trade program launched byDailyShare Pro is also bringing enough profits at least 1% daily and growing to 1.2% - 1.5% depending on the Bitcoin price, which fluctuates greatly as you may know.

Among the rest of achievements we should mention creating the user guide. The guide is supposed to tell in details about the membership terms and investment plans offered by DailyShare Pro. Another reason the user guide may be helpful is explanation of how the features available atDailyShare Pro may be used to attract free traffic to your business and increase online conversion. All in all looking through the user guide is claimed to be enough to start investing or promotingDailyShare Pro online.

HYIP Today Some changes can be observed in the HYIP Today section of the HYIP Informational Survey #285. You will see the new TOP 1 program. Besides one program, which used to be in TOP 5 last Friday is now replaced by the competitor, which is also a part of TOP Choice list. See the details below.

Income Always is finally on Top. Actually it has been rather predictable, for the growth of this HYIP has been evident. It used to be taking the 4th place, then moved to the 2nd place and now finally the rapid growth of the quotation index within last days has allowed this HYIP to get on the 1st place of the HYIP Today section as the most quoted program currently listed with 181 points which is 51 more than we had last Wednesday.

Dublin Cryptory. Only once this HYIP was on Top. It happened last Friday. Unfortunately for the admin of this HYIP it was soon replaced with another one. However, despite that, i should say there's nothing bad about the performance of this HYIP. The growth may not be that rapid, though it is stable and more likely it has more chances to remain on Top for as long as possible. The current quotation index of the project is 171 points, which is 15 points more than last Friday.

Sky Wealth. Good performance of this HYIP opportunity continues. After a series of stable days, the project has shown some slight growth of the quotation index from 120 points to 133 on Sunday. This is enough for remaining on the 3rd place of the HYIP Today section.

Mutual Wealth. The decline observed with this HYIP lately has been followed with a slight growth. Starting from Thursday, the overall quotation index of the project has grown from 109 to 126 points on Friday. It remained stable within two days and by Sunday it went 1 point down, which is not a significant decline indeed, as you may assume.

RFI Group. This HYIP is back to TOP 5. The quotation index of this HYIP is the same as the one at Mutual Wealth. Moreover there is nearly no difference between these two programs, which are both the members of the TOP Choice section as highest rated programs, in terms of the strategy used for gaining this index. The growth started on Thursday as well, and remains stable for some days.

As you can see the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs has changed a bit. First of all, we should draw your attention to the leader change today.Income Always has managed to overcomeDublin Cryptory and take the first place.Dublin Cryptory is taking the 2nd place today. The 3rd and the 4th positions are without changes. And RFI Group, has successfully returned to the TOP 5 today. All in all, the general trend of the last days is positive. Nearly all programs are showing stable growth. Some grow in a more and others in a less active way.

E-money Payza has reported on its official blog about suspending the accounts of US members. Basically the US members are now not eligible to add funds, send funds or receive funds using Payza accounts. Login to your account is still possible, you can even initiate the withdrawal, however it won't processed and will remain pending until further notice. See more news on the official Payza blog following he link: https://blog.payza.com/payza-updates/announcements/important-update-u-s-members/

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